The Top 10 Most Expensive Movies That Flopped

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As profitable as the film industry looks, not all Hollywood movies rake in millions. A movie is labelled a flop when the total cost of making the movie surpasses the revenues that the movie generates once it is released. Forget about the huge budgets movies. Our focus in this article will be on movies that have made the biggest losses. If a movie fails to cover all its costs, it is an automatic flop. It doesn’t matter how big the budget was.

Given the fact that movies cost millions to make, movie flops result in very painful losses. This explains why Hollywood executives are extremely careful when choosing directors, producers and cast members. It is however important to note that movie losses can be caused by many other factors apart from the cast, directors or actors. Budget imbalances also top the list of main causes of movie flops. For instance, many movies have flopped because of having low marketing budgets.

For a movie to attract a big audience, the marketing budget has to be big enough. A movie also needs to have an extremely engaging storyline otherwise the movie will be deemed boring. This in turn attracts negative reviews which result in low revenues when people become discouraged to pay and watch the movie.

If you are interested in finding out some of the most expensive movie flops of all times, you are in the right place. Below is a list of top 10 most expensive movie flops of all time starting with the movie that lost the least amount of money. Please note that the figures have been adjusted to cater for inflation.

10. Stealth 2005 (Estimated loss: $112 million)

Number 10 in this list is Stealth which was released back in 2005. The movie is about 3 pilots struggling to contain a military artificial intelligence program. Such a storyline normally attracts a huge audience however this wasn’t the case with Stealth. Critics claim the movie wasn’t real and interesting which is why it flopped. These claims can’t however be substantiating because many movies which have been deemed boring by many have somewhat managed to make millions.

Stealth makes it to this list because of making huge losses despite having a good storyline and a big budget. The movie was also highly hyped. The movie cost $170.8 million to make however it generated only $77 million in revenues. That translates to a $112 million loss which is one of the biggest in box office history for a movie with an impressive cast i.e. (Jamie Foxx and Jessica Biel).