The Most Expensive Horror Movies Ever Made

Most Expensive

Nowadays, every person has their own interest and preferences based on the material they would like to watch on TV, but it’s quite evident that movies have become ta big part of the entertainment industry. Actually, hundreds of movies including horror movies are produced and released by different production houses annually, but only a few get the much needed public attention. Basically, the main factor that determines the success or failure of a movie is its budget; for instance, a movie with a larger budget will have famous superstars hence adding full perks to its profile. Here are the 10 horror movies that cost the most to produce.

10. The Exorcist: The Beginning (2004): $78 Million

Unlike most horror movies in entertainment industry, The Exorcist was planned for years, but it was plagued by a couple of problems including the death of its director, J. Frankenheimer, before production had even begun. However, the project’s estimated budget was about $80 million ($50 million for Harlin’s and $30 million for Schrader’s version). Even though this budget had beaten Harlin’s, it failed to beat the total project’s budget.