The Most Expensive Celebrity Concert Tours

Most Expensive

Celebrities live the luxurious life, and we all want to be the closest we can to it and maybe that’s a reason why attending your favorite musician’s tour gives you that ultimate experience and natural high, that leaves you wanting more. Musical tours can cost a pretty penny, and some celebrities go to all costs to put the most exotic show out there for their fans. However, how much would you pay, to get the amazing experience from your favorite band?

Some of the hottest tours happening currently are Miley Cyrus’s Bangerz Tour, as well as Beyonce’s. Their most devoted fans will go at all lengths to purchase tickets, and get the most out of their experience. Not only is a fan willing to pay the price, but the musician is too; from lights, to dancers, to set changes, a tour can add up, and add up quickly. So what are some of the most expensive concert tours in America? This list will break it down for you, and maybe can give you some insight as to what your favorite musicians really offer you during their performances.

10. Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw, Brothers of the Sun Tour: $200

‘s Brothers of the Sun tour kicked off with a minimum asking price of $200—if you wanted more of the sweat and action, tickets were quickly raising to $800. With a magical duo like these two, the concert was set off with a bang. With 22 shows across the U.S., it was a pretty select picking, but if you paid the reward, you would also have gotten to see Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, as well as Jake Owen.