The 10 Most Expensive Restaurants In The World

Most Expensive

While some of us are happy with a dollar pizza slice or hot dog, some among us will admit to splurging on a nice restaurant on occasion, while certain discerning foodies opt to indulge in costly fine dining on a regular basis. A special breed brave the world’s most luxurious and priciest of venues, which make relatively common or garden splurges look like fastfood in comparison. These restaurants are expensive, but, with their prime locations and impressive offerings – as well as their celebrity-status chefs – those prepared to shell out the cash tend to report that they got their money’s worth.

Many of the following restaurants are famous for their exclusivity, exotic locations, rare foods, and unique atmospheres. These hot spots offer more than meals; they offer once-in-a-lifetime dining “experiences.” Many of these restaurants draw much of their prestige because they have been awarded Michelin stars. The Michelin Guide is a series of annual reference books that have been published by the French company Michelin for more than one hundred years and The Michelin Red Guide, the oldest and best-known reference guide, awards stars for excellence to very select dining establishments. The acquisition or loss of a star can have a dramatic effect on the success – and prices – of a restaurant.

Indeed, the fact that the world’s fanciest and priciest restaurants continue to become fancier and pricier suggests that foodie culture reveres indulgence and rewards exclusivity and prestige. While some would argue that it’s exactly these features which contribute to the excitement of any dining experience, it’s perhaps disappointing to those on a modest budget that international calibre, high quality dining isn’t a little more accessible.

But the most expensive restaurants in the world continue to become less and less accessible, as the chefs and restaurateurs alike perfect their visions, and more and more restaurants dedicated to costly, specialized culinary endeavors continue to make waves all throughout the globe.  Some say a good meal is priceless, but these opulent hot spots suggest that the experience can certainly be lucratively monetised. For those of who can only dream about dining at one of these institutions, or for those who are looking for an extra special dinner recommendation,  read on to learn the details of the world’s 10 most expensive restaurants.

10. Masa (New York City)

Masa, located in New York City’s Time Warner Center, is an experience as much as it is a meal. Chef Masa Takayama advises diners to dress comfortably to allow for a three hour (!) multi-course culinary event. There is no set menu; customers are seated and presented with a series of fresh dishes straight from the kitchen. The atmosphere is incredibly calming, potentially to quell the shock you might feel upon seeing the $350 per person bill – not including tax or tip. Or drinks, for that matter; indeed, one can splurge on a $400 carafe of Kikuhime sake, or a $1,500 bottle of 1995 Chateau Margaux Bordeaux.