Actors Edition: Top 10 Hollywood Bad Boys

High Life

The laundry list of Hollywood bad boys is long and distinguished. There is more than just late night shenanigans and rehab stints that make this list, it’s also about holding onto your fortune, despite the mischievous mishaps. There are many Tinsel Town heavy weights, such as Humphrey Bogart, James Dean, or even River Phoenix that have come before the living legends on this list. However, what all these collective stars have lost in accruing their bad boy credentials, they have maintained in their unique ability to stay on the cutting edge of film, and kept their adoring fans. It’s a battle of resilience, and unquestionable faith in climbing back up from a life of destruction, conquering addictions, and attitudes that fame can often accommodate and require. Let’s take a look at the some of the living bad boys of Hollywood.

10. Danny Trejo- Net Worth: $8 Million

Trejo lives the bad boy dream. After years of alcohol, drugs and criminal behavior, the “Machete Kills” star crawled from the bottom all the way to the top. He was in and out of prison for nearly 12 years for armed robbery and drug offences before sobering up and becoming the rebel poster boy he is today. Trejo has seemingly lived two lives, one as a down and out criminal, and a more glamorous second, as the quintessential Hollywood tough guy that has made him his fortune and fame. This tough and tattooed star is known for his gritty appearance and boxing skills, along with his checkered past. With a very comfortable $8 million net worth the ex-con has a lot to smile about in his second life.