The Strand Craft 122 is a Super Yacht With a Huge Price Tag!!

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The Strand Craft 122 is a super yacht designed by Eduard Gray,  is a truly unique piece of automotive history as it is the first super yacht to be styled together with a matching super car.

It is estimated that the Strand Craft 122 will be sold for $24 million when it hits the market.

The Strand Craft 122 will be built in Turkey with epoxy and carbon materials. While these are strong materials, the custom sports car that comes with the super yacht will be a big part of the $24 million value.

The Strand Craft 122 will come with a sidekick, a matching car. The details of the vehicle are unclear, all we know is that this super car draws inspiration from design classics such as the ’57 Tesstarossa and ’57 Corvette, providing a perfect mixture of the two, making this a truly remarkable car.

The Strand Craft 122 will be 122 feet long with contain four bedrooms, a salon, several crew cabins, 52-inch LED TVs in each room and a 140,000 horsepower engine that can go at speeds of 50 knots or about 57 mph. In addition, only six of these will be made.