The Hottest NFL Wives Of The Year

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As the USA gears up for Super Bowl XLVIII, we’ve not only got our eyes on the next generation of NFL superstars. We’ve also got our eyes on the hottest NFL wives and girlfriends who have been appearing on the sidelines throughout the 2013/2014 season.

If being an international sports celebrity in peak physical condition (with a huge salary) doesn’t help a guy find the woman of his dreams then there must be a problem. It’s no secret that the top, highest paid professional athletes in the USA – and all over the world – often end up with beautiful women. There’s multi-millionaire British football star David Beckham, who’s married with kids to former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham. There’s Spanish professional footballer Gerard Pique who’s married to pop star Shakira (who is worth about $200 million herself). Not to mention NBA star LeBron James who recently married Savannah Brinson, a stylish beauty who names Alexander Wang as one of her favorite designers. Alexander Wang shoes retail for $500 plus or more than $1,000 for boots.

In the NFL and Super Bowl (Super Bowl XLVII 10 Highest-paid players), there have been endless examples over the years of top players being matched up with models, actresses and beautiful women. Former NFL player Eric Johnson is engaged with children to singer and clothing designer Jessica Simpson and they expect to marry this year. Nnamdi Asomugha married actress Kerry Washington and the two are expecting their first child this year. Former Playboy playmate Kendra Wilkinson is married to former NFL superstar Hank Baskett.

NFL players spend most of the year training hard and playing hard, but it’s all made that little bit easier when they’re heading home to a gorgeous woman (not to mention their huge bank balances and mansions). Check out this list of the 10 hottest NFL wives.

10. Jessie James – Married to Eric Decker

This 25-year-old may not have ended up being the successful pop star or country singer she’d hoped, but she sure is one of the hottest NFL wives that we’ll see on the sidelines in this year’s Super Bowl matchup, and she’s still estimated to be worth about $1.5 million. Jessie James is married to Denver Broncos player Eric Decker, which earns him a salary of about $500,000 per year. The couple stars in their own reality TV show called Eric and Jessie: Game On.

It covers the lead up to their recent wedding and much more. Despite being eight months pregnant at the moment, this brunette NFL wife is reportedly super excited to see her husband playing at the Super Bowl this weekend. She says that this is the best time of their lives, and that she’ll be traveling to the game on a chartered plane with the other wives because she couldn’t miss out on this “once in a lifetime opportunity”.