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Having your name attached to charities is a big deal in Hollywood. This is a perfect way to support a cause, while raising your profile. Reeves has spent millions of dollars supporting various causes which he supports. Whether it be PETA, SickKids Foundation, Stand up To Cancer or the numerous other charities he supports, the money is there and he does not look to get any attention or publicity through it. He has spent over $5 million dollars to help his sister in her fight against leukemia. It is also said by the Examiner that Reeves has a private cancer foundation to help a few children’s hospitals and cancer research, but he does not attach his name to it, preferring to provide funding and not take any credit for the work it does. Giving money to others is a part of his beliefs and way of life.

If there was any doubt about Reeves’ true sincerity on his charitable lifestyle, you can look to his actions with a homeless man, with whom he spent half a day sitting with in his squat, sharing food and just talking to him. There was no starstruck reverence, no condescension on Reeves part, just two humans talking about anything and everything, sitting on a sidewalk in LA.

Whether it be giving away his money, riding the subway, supporting charities or spending time with regular people. Keanu Reeves is arguably more interesting than any of the characters he has portrayed through roles.

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