‹ The Famous Actor Who Does Not Want To Be Wealthy

Generosity and views on Money

In 2003 Reeves was quoted in Hello! magazine with saying: “Money is the last thing I think about..” This may sound like a marketing ploy. A quote used to endear the audience to the actor. Nothing can further be sourced from the truth for Reeves, he is one of those rare individuals who practices what he preaches. When cast in The Devil’s Advocate, Reeves took a several million dollar pay cut in order to get Al Pacino on board, he did the same for The Replacements where he took a 90% pay cut in order to get Gene Hackman on the cast. Additionally, he even refused an $11 million pay day for filming the sequel to Speed, and an opportunity to be in the film Heat with De Niro and Pacino, in order to play Hamlet. This was not for a world re-known theatre company, in which he was performing the play in a major city or in front of large audiences, but at the modest Manitoba Theatre Centre in Winnipeg, Canada. These were personal refusals of money, but he has done more than just refuse money, he has shared the wealth with those who are often forgotten in the movie process. The most telling tale of this thoughtful use of movie salary money was taking close to $75 million of his well negotiated ticket sales based salary, for The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions and gave it to the special effects and costume design teams. Citing that they were the true heroes of the movie franchise. This equated to over $1 million dollars per person, instantly making them all millionaires. He also gave every member of the stunt crew Harley Davidson motorcycles.

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