‹ Saudi Prince Makes It Rain $30 Million In The Maldives

The Money Behind the Name

So who is this prince, and how much power and money does he have to be able to book not one but three resorts for himself for almost a month? It can’t be understated how much wealth and influence his family has to their name. While Bruce Wayne, fictional as he is, is estimated to be worth $6.5 billion, the Saudi Arabian Royal Family, of which bin Abdulaziz is Crown Prince and heir apparent to the throne, is estimated to be worth over $1.4 trillion. His individual net worth is unobtainable, as are those of many members of the House of Saud, due to security reasons, though his elder half-brother and current King of Saudi Arabia, Abdullah  bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, is reportedly worth $18 billion.

Prince Salman may very well succeed Abdullah as King of Saudi Arabia in just a few years’ time, given the king’s even more advanced age (89), but even that is not certain. Salman’s two predecessors as Crown Prince, Sultan bin Abdulaziz and Nayef bin Abdulaziz, both died before they had any chance at succession at ages 82 and 77, respectively. Advanced age is both a trait and a potential problem for the House of Saud’s ruling elite, with the periodical Foreign Policy theorizing that Saudi Arabia will “undergo a series of leadership changes in the coming years,” noting that this will only exacerbate the already unstable Middle East region.

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