Strip Clubs: Rappers That Have Dropped The Most Cash In One Night

Celebrity Money, High Life

Celebrities undoubtedly love partying hard. This can be proven by the numerous tabloid stories and DUI mug shots available online. Many celebrities have also been photographed partying in some of the best most popular night clubs in the U.S. In this article, our focus will be on a specific group of celebrities namely; rappers and athletes. These special group of celebrities are notorious for partying hard in night clubs more so strip clubs ”making it rain” like crazy.

This group of celebrities love converging for special occasions like celebrity birthday parties, tour parties e.t.c. to display their financial might. In such parties, some of the most popular rappers and athletes blow insane amounts of money. Some top athletes and rappers today are guilty of spending between $10,000 and $1 million in a strip club in one night. This is an insane amount to spend on alcohol and strippers. Why they do it is anyone’s guess.

This article will attempt to rank the biggest celebrity strip club spenders. Our focus will be on strip clubs because this is where real spending takes place. Although there are a number of regular parties that have set back celebs millions, our focus will be on premeditated spending. The biggest spenders in this list plan ahead and come with stacks of money ready to throw them up in the air (make it rain) as they sip expensive drinks and dance the night away. It doesn’t get more extravagant than this when talking about celebrity parties.

If you are interested in knowing which celebs have spent the most partying overnight in night clubs or strip clubs, you are in the right place.  Below is a list of top 10 celebs that make it rain the most in night clubs.

9. Ludacris (Spent: $10,000)

In June 2012 Ludacris reportedly spent $10,000 at a strip club in Atlanta (Diamonds). He partied all night alongside his girlfriend Eudoxie Agnan making it rain crazy on strippers or exotic dancers if you like.  According to sources accompanying the rapper, Ludacris had prepared himself with a backpack full of singles to Diamonds club in Atlanta where his friend; producer DJ Infamous was having a birthday party.

Considering Ludacris is worth approximately $70 million, $10,000 is pocket change. The amount is however mindboggling when you consider how it was spent.