Pricey Celebrity Bar Tabs

Celebrity Money

Celebrities are adored by owners of ritzy nightclubs, not only because there presence attracts the business of hundreds of customers and grants the club a reputation as a prestigious hot spot, but also because of the personal bar tabs these famous and fortunate people can accumulate in just one lavish night out on the town. London, Las Vegas, New York, anywhere; stars have no challenge compiling a tab so high it could pay for the college education of a small village. But these celebrities work hard to keep us entertained, and the least they deserve is a wild night we can all read about.

10. Jersey Shore’s Ronnie Magro – Jet Nightclub in Las Vegas, NV – $11, 000

Unlike the other celebrities whose bills gradually accumulated as the night progressed, Ronnie from Jersey Shore was treated to $11, 000 of alcohol before he, his girlfriend, manager, and six friends even arrived at the club. The best part about this event is that Jet Nightclub ended up paying for the $11,000 “starter kit” of booze for his 25th birthday, which included 2 magnums of Grey Goose, valued at $925 each, and 5 magnums of Don Perignon, valued at $1875 a piece. It’s no wonder the Jersey Shore cast have adopted Las Vegas as their new favourite party spot; especially if drinks are complimentary on a regular basis!