Kanye West Reviving His Clothing Line and Moving to Paris: Are Kim and Baby Going to Join?

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Kanye West is considering reviving his failed fashion line Pastelle. Some pieces from the line were revealed on the internet and were seen worn by Kanye West in public, but unfortunately, it was never released.

In 2011, he debuted with his fashion line “DW” (named for his late mother, Donda West) at the Paris Fashion Week.

Last year, Kanye was back to Paris for his Fall 2012 Collection at the Paris Fashion Week. It showcased his full ready-to-wear collection from his eponymous line. The designs are mostly black, leather, knee-high banded boots, mesh booties, a modification from his ill-fitting threads form his previous collection.

The rapper has now decided to restore his Pastelle collection, this time, as a Margiela-inspired fashion line. It is reported that he has started hiring designers for his team.

Margiela has played into both his song lyrics and personal wardrobe. It seems like he has fallen out of love with Givenchym which has a great influence in his last collection. He is so dedicated to his new fashion line that he is planning to move to Paris for two months for the city’s “creative vibe.”