10 Reasons You Must Visit Ireland In Your Lifetime

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It seems now more than ever, with the advent of excruciatingly annoying terms like YOLO and ‘bucket list’, people are focusing more on their personal goals while they still have time. Despite the intolerable ridiculousness of aforementioned clichéd sayings, the message is a good one. Get out there and experience the things you’ve always wanted to while you have the chance.

One thing that is undeniably a must-do for everyone is go to Ireland. Preferably in the summer, unless you love unending downpours. If you’ve never had the urge to go, you’ll feel differently after you’ve been there. There’s a certain unidentifiable mysticism to it; you’ll feel like you’ve been there before, somehow. Like it was home and you never knew it.

And while you’re there, get off the worn tracks and see the less known parts of the island. Go to a hurling game, (it’s crazy, youtube it) try the food the locals eat, get lost somewhere and make some drinking buddies when you stroll into a tavern. Dublin is wonderful and all, but the real experiences lay hidden in the countryside. And the great part is, you can see so much even in a short time– after all, it’s about the size of Indiana.

So skip over the big puddle and check out this captivating place where the people are friendly and know how to party. Oh, and it’s worth repeating– go in the summer.

10.  Castles, Castles Everywhere

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There’s hardly a thing that inspires more wistfulness or historical nostalgia than a castle. Ireland has enough castles that they could probably export them to countries sadly devoid of them. You’ll be heading down some tiny road in a tiny town, and beside the local Inn and general store will sit a castle just hanging out, being all castley. Jokes aside, there are more than 340 castles in Ireland. That’s an incredible amount. Because of its tumultuous history, castles were built by the Irish, the British, and the Scottish all during different eras of conflict. Some must-see castles include Cahir Castle in county Tipperary, Blarney Castle in county Cork, and Kilkenny Castle above the River Nore, which is one of the most visited historical sites in all of Ireland. If you have any heart in you for the childhood wonder associated with castles, this is reason enough to go. You could spend an entire trip just on the magnificent castles of Ireland.

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