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2. Venezuela -$6,600: Buttock augmentation

According to USA Today, illegal buttocks injections have killed women in Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Pennsylvania, Nevada and New York. While black market cosmetic surgery operations are nothing knew, there seems to be more people seeking cheap beautification alternatives than ever before, risking disfigurement, and their lives, to be injected with home-improvement materials like silicone by fraudulent doctors with no medical training. Dr. John Martin, a plastic surgeon in Florida, claims that these types of illicit procedures are common; he says that oftentimes multiple people are injected in hotel rooms in what is known as “pumping parties.”

The Caribbean International Plastic Surgery Centre, in Venezuela, specializes in implants and augmentations for buttocks and breasts. Buttock augmentation is the Centre’s signature procedure, and it starts at $6,600. There are also package rates and additional procedures, including Intimate Feminine Corrections (hymenoplasty and vaginal rejuvenation), which are legal in the U.S., Japan, and parts of Europe, but, considering the surgeries are controversial, it’s difficult to find a cosmetic surgeon who will perform the procedures.

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