Top 10 Worst Places To Grow Old


The world’s older population is growing. According to a report released last week, 11% of the current world population is 60 and older. By 2050, more than one in five will be at least 60 years old. In the United States, more than one in four will be over 60. These statistics imply that this is high time the seniors find a good country or city where they can conveniently and peacefully spend the rest of their lives. During these sunset years, one does not have to have a difficult time asking for medical care or seeking for professional medical attention. Ideally, when you live in a good city, the government should be able to provide these benefits and the place you have chosen to live in should have a healthy environment that will make things easier and more convenient for you.

Help Age International’s “Global AgeWatch 2013 Index” ranked the well-being of the older population of 91 countries around the world. The report rated each country based on factors, including income security, health care and employment. The least you want to happen is to end up living in a country that cannot give you a peaceful, blissful life just when you deserve it the most. Here is a list of town places you should avoid when living your golden years.

10. Honduras: Issue of Poverty

Poverty has always been one of the main problems in this Latin American country. Over the last two decades, economic growth has often been slower than population growth. Income distribution is highly unequal. Recently, agricultural growth has lessened rural poverty. During the same period, however, urban poverty may have worsened. The proportion of the rural population living in poverty was considerably lower during the 1990’s while the proportion of the poor in the urban population had increased. Despite these trends, most of the poor continue to live in rural areas. This kind of environment will not be able to support the older age group. Employment rate is also a struggle in Honduras.