The 10 Strictest Places in the World

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There are rules, and then there are rules. No country is without them. There is a fine line between discipline and oppression, apply just the right quality and quantity of regulation and you have discipline. Too much of that and you have oppression. Here are the 10 countrist with the strictest rules.

10. North Korea

The Hermit Kingdom is also last bastion of true Communism in the world.  You’ll be surprised that they actually allow tourists into their country, with the exception of Americans and South Koreans. Before you even enter the country you will meet your personal escort, called a minder. He will also be the last person to see you out of the country. He will take you to your hotel (which is likely to be bugged) and fetch you from it each day. He will be by your side 24/7 to make sure you don’t break any of the regulations.

So what’s forbidden in North Korea? First and foremost is speaking out against the government of course. The country has around 12 main newspapers, 20 periodicals and a state TV agency, all controlled by the government. All content is pre-approved by the government and must be only about good things about leader Kim Jong Un and his regime. Only a handful people (belonging to the ruling elite) have access to the Internet, but this is also limited and heavily monitored and has no access to the outside world.

Native North Koreans cannot just loiter around, they have to have a reason to be somewhere at a certain time. The Ministry of People’s Security makes sure people are working when they are supposed to and they comb public parks and places for people doing nothing. They are also referred to as the “Dating Police” because they frequently inspect motels for couples who are not married or just appear suspicious.

North Korea has something worse than their dating police; they have fashion police for both the men and women. Men have to cut their hair every fifteen days, but older men can be allowed more days so they can grow their hair to hide their bald spots. Young men cannot grow their hair more than two inches while older men not more than three inches. As for the women they cannot wear pants.

Infractions are punishable by time in a forced labor camp.