James Franco Appears on the Star Walk of Fame



Seth Rogen has been by James’ side for quite some time now. The two have been through several ups and downs together. This is why James chose him for the red carpet. His mother looked extremely proud of him as she held onto James tightly before the camera. The two were all smiles. The pride his mother was feeling was very evident by the look on her face. She looked quite the doting mother and he the successful son.

James Franco has appeared often on American television. His appearances on television have been successful too. James has carried out popular roles such as mafia dons and super men, and has won critical acclaim for the roles played. James is quite a charismatic actor and is able to perform a wide array of roles well. He has a sense of humor which gets reflected in his performances on the screen such as in the movie Spiderman.

James Franco, says his friend Seth, is an extremely hardworking man and that all his successes have been because he is an extremely dedicated actor and does whatever he sets out to do in the best way he can. There is nobody who can accuse James of being anything but a committed actor himself. The actor gives his hundred percent to the roles he plays on TV and also the movie screen. This is the main reason why he is today appearing on the Hollywood Star Walk of Fame.

The cutest scene that night was of course the sight of James Franco lying down on the walk of fame with a small statue of his own along with his mother. One could tell that the star was truly happy with what he has managed to achieve in his life, and what he has set out to do in the next few years. We wish him the very best for all his upcoming ventures.

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