America’s 5 Most Elite Kindergartens

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Kindergarten is a time of transition and learning. For many children, it is their first year in a school setting. Kindergarten has long been viewed as the place where the foundation for a lifetime of learning and preparation is laid. From learning the alphabet to learning to count, it is a very impressionable time during the life of a young child.

The entire kindergarten process, including the setting, has changed throughout the years. Children now learn more in kindergarten than in past years. The classroom setting has also changed. There is more to the room than building blocks, desks and brightly colored rugs. Some schools have taken the approach to offer classes in what could be considered luxurious kindergartens.

The place of big desks, crayons and primary colors has changed throughout the years. Besides just writing their name and learning their alphabet and how to count, children now learn phonics and the basics for reading and other things they will incorporate, not only in future school years, but during their entire life in general. Besides big pencils, finger paint and days filled with learning with a fun approach, the technological age has taken hold. Computers have been added to the mix in full force.

While most kindergarten classrooms feature brightly colored room decorations, cubby holes for supplies and building blocks, there are some that are much more extravagant. Many foreign countries have come to view kindergarten in a completely different light. They have turned the setting into a more luxurious and more attention garnering arena. These classrooms are not the standard kindergarten classrooms that everyone has come to recognize.

As an example, one of the most talked about luxurious kindergartens is a kindergarten affiliated with Xiamen University in Fujian province, which is located in southeast China. Located in a four-storied building that resembles a villa, the building overlooks the ocean. Every room in the building actually has an oceanview.

Luxurious Kindergarten

Now the idea of luxurious kindergartens has moved to the U.S. In the U.S., these kindergartens are located in magnificent school buildings with the latest educational advances. However, in the U.S., many of these kindergartens are in prep schools that have been around for centuries, so they are in well maintained, yet extravagant, historic structures.

While some schools are worrying about basic supplies, others have turned the classroom into a luxurious, eye-catching attraction. Most public schools have a traditional theme, but for those enrolling their kids in private classroom settings, you may want to see what is out there as far as kindergarten luxury goes.

Some of the luxurious kindergartens are very competitive so only a select few students can be enrolled. The large price tag must also be taken into consideration as well. So if you are in the market for a luxurious kindergarten, you may be wondering where you need to look. This list includes the top five most luxurious kindergartens in the U.S.

While there are many other luxurious schools that stand out from the others, these could be called the “best of the best” so to speak. These schools do not skimp on price either. So as the saying goes, you get what you pay for. In this case, you are paying for luxuries that normal kindergarten students do not experience.

Luxurious Kindergartens in Private Prep Schools

All of the top luxurious kindergartens in the United States are in college preparatory schools that are very selective. Many of them are also on the list of the most expensive private schools in the U.S. However, it is important to note that all of these top five most luxurious kindergartens are in prep schools that have an established reputation for a significant number of graduates advancing on to Ivy League universities.

It is also of important note that these schools do much more than have class daily in a luxurious classroom or building. They have a hands-on approach that requires field work, field trips, homework and various outside educational opportunities.

They also focus on more than book work. The majority of these schools work toward a well-rounded individual, so they consider the spiritual and moral aspects of the student as well. These schools are not only well respected in the U.S., but are known around the world for producing outstanding individuals who go on to fare well in their careers and be productive members of society.

Alumni from these top schools include leaders, authors, musicians, Noble Prize winners and Pulitzer Prize winners. Starting out in kindergarten, these children get much more than a luxurious place to learn, they get a jump start on life in general.

Preparing a Child for Luxurious Kindergarten

All of the aforementioned luxurious kindergartens are located in very selective, exclusive prep schools. The application process usually begins a year before the child starts school. In order to be selected for one of the few slots at such a reputable, luxurious kindergarten, the child must have the ability to fare well on placement tests.

It is recommended to be active with the child’s learning at home plus enroll the child in a high ranking, well respected pre-school. The child needs to score high on placement tests to show he or she can indeed keep up with the rigor and requirements of the school in question. He or she should not only be able to perform the tasks of a basic kindergartener, but be able to handle to score above and beyond what is considered normal for a child his or her age.

These schools are focused on making these students stand out from the rest, so they need to be able to perform and function at a higher level. So to speak, these programs believe one can never start too early to prepare for a successful life.

Success Rates

These schools that have what are referred to as luxurious kindergartens are known to produce students that fare well throughout the remainder of their educational careers. The majority of these students rank high in their graduating classes, are named as National Merit finalists and go on to be admitted to Ivy League or other high ranking colleges and universities across the U.S. They then excel in their careers, attaining leadership roles and often being recognized with various honors for excelling in their respective professions. Here are the top 5 Luxurious Kindergartens in the U.S.

5. Germantown Friends School, Philadelphia

Philadelphia’s historic Germantown neighborhood is the setting for the co-educational, private day school that stands out from many other learning institutions. Rooted with the Society of Friends, with which it keeps a strong connection, the school has strong spiritual values.

Values are important not only in the classroom, but outside the classroom as well. The school wants to develop the student as a whole, morally, spiritually and educationally. Even the youngest students start out learning the steps for a successful life, through a well rounded approach that includes much more than the attractive classroom setting.

Because of its strong spiritual values, it does not calculate GPA to establish class rank and does not choose a valedictorian or salutatorian. Enrollment is for students in preschool through high school. Graduates include a television producer, music producer and Nobel Prize-winning physicist. Tuition is $29,975 per year.