20 Celebs You Don’t Want Your Kids To Follow As Role Models


Not many celebrities are able to rebound from addiction and make a good life for themselves (e.g., Robert Downey Jr.), but the rest tend to be perpetually bad apples and repeat offenders. Children have access to social media, TV shows and film, so they’re able to latch on to musicians and actors who they think are talented, but the celebs may not be the best role models. Sometimes parents need to intervene and monitor their kids’ choices and teach them that, just because Justin Bieber engages in bad behavior, it doesn’t mean they should, too. What may at first seem like a decent celebrity could turn into someone who constantly gets arrested, beats people up and makes all-around negative life choices. There are enough good role models in the world, so maybe it’s time to steer children away from the bad seeds.

20. Christian Bale

Christian Bale may be Batman, but that doesn’t mean he’s exempt from hot head antics. While filming Terminator Salvation, Bale cursed out one of the crew members and then threatened to leave the project. An audio tape of Bale yelling out the member was later leaked. In 2008, Bale got into an altercation with his mother and sister, where he supposedly assaulted them in a London hotel. The incident resulted in Bale’s arrest and he becoming estranged from his family.

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20 Celebs You Don’t Want Your Kids To Follow As Role Models