10 Foods You Never Knew Were Aphrodisiacs


When it comes to setting the mood over dinner and some drinks, it can be tough to know what to serve, or what to order on a menu. Simply put, there are a few foods that are just tough to look sexy eating – no matter what a health conscious message it sends, it’s still difficult to look cute trying to devour kale leaves the size of your face. Some foods just aren’t sexy, whatsoever.

However, there are certain foods that have definite associations of the sensual. From chocolate to oysters, there are several dishes that are rumored to be aphrodisiacs – that is, to stimulate sexual desire when you consume them.

Now, no food is a magic potion that will suddenly give you an insatiable sexual appetite and irrepressible sensuality. However, there’s no doubt that foods can have a huge impact on you. After all, who hasn’t felt more energetic after eating healthy food all week, or felt sluggish after scarfing down half a pizza single-handedly? Food shapes how we feel in many ways, and that includes how inclined we are to romantic activities.

Sure, we all know about oysters, chocolate, and all those commonly known aphrodisiacs – but here are 10 foods you may not know are rumoured to have aphrodisiac qualities.

10. Watermelon

First of all, watermelon is the perfect, refreshing food for a hot summer day, so chances are that you’re not consuming watermelon while bundled up in a winter coat. However, sexy summer attire aside, there are definitely aphrodisiac qualities in this hydrating fruit. Apparently, watermelon has a huge punch of lycopene, a pigment that gives pinkish and reddish fruits and vegetables their color. However, lycopene does more than lend a blush-like hue to watermelon – it also improves circulation and relaxes blood vessels, making sure that your blood is flowing to all the right places. A few poolside slices of watermelon might get things a little steamier than you had anticipated!

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