Julianne Hough Sports a New Hair Color

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. She was recently seen sporting a new hair color. It seems changing hair color is the latest way to deal with a breakup in Hollywood. Several stars have been seen doing this. Julianne has also cut her hair very short, something she was never expected to do. It appears Julianne wants to experiment with her looks as she adjusts to the fact that her life has changed in the last few months.

Julianne’s hair now looks bright platinum. The new hairstyle is making her look a lot like the singer and actress Miley Cyrus. She has been looking very boyish after her hair cut, but this new hairstyle has accentuated her sharp features and made her look even more gorgeous. Julianne never really had a round face. Her sharp features were suppressed because of the long hair. Now with this shorter hair, her features have become much more prominent.

compatible. In fact, everybody thought that this was one couple that would stick together. But sadly, a busy schedule came in the way. Ryan and Julianne went different ways because they were so busy that they couldn’t give time to each other. Maintaining a serious relationship was turning out to be impossible.
Hough appears to be fighting back by doing new and bolder things, stuff she would never have done before. She was seen chilling with her girlfriend Selena Gomez at a basketball event. Now she has chopped off her hair really short and changed the color. What next? Possibly a plum role in a major Hollywood blockbuster! Hough has some serious acting talent. It will not be long before producers in Hollywood realize this, and decide to make the most of it.

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Julianne Hough Sports a New Hair Color