Celebrities Fashion Lines That Make Millions


There is not a year that goes by without the news of a Hollywood celebrity launching a new fashion line. In 2013, Rihanna, Nikki Minaj, Eva Mendes and Kanye West announced the launch of their clothing lines, just to name a few. Rihanna’s collection, Rihanna for River Island, debuted during London Fashion Week and obtained fairly low reviews. She was later accused of only being the face of the brand, reportedly only exchanging e-mails with the designer and attending a few fittings. Kanye West has already suffered one loss, with the failure of his G.O.O.D. Music clothing line, but that has not deterred him from rebounding and vowing to try again in 2014. He has decided to sell his current clothing line items online and continue with plans to launch a new collection of menswear.

While some stars suffer fashion venture setbacks, others are able to use the business opportunity to generate a sizeable income. A few have even had the right combination of talent and business savvy to turn their collections into formidable fashion brands and become well-respected in the fashion industry. Celebrity fashions and fragrances are now available in nearly every major U.S. store, including drug stores. With low and high-end products that are geared towards multiple demographics, you are likely to find something that you like in your price range. This trend seems to be increasing as retailers are banking on star power to translate into hardcore sales. Stores follow supply and demand, proving that consumers are buying into celebrity brands. Here is a rundown of celebrities that have made millions from their fashion lines.

Nicole Richie – $3 Million

In 2007, the reality television star and daughter of singer, Lionel Richie launched House of Harlow 1960. In 2009, the jewelry line was expanded to include handbags, shoes and sunglasses, with items priced from $38 to $595. The line is sold at Kitson’s online boutique. In 2009, Nicole also designed a collection of maternity clothes for a Pea and the Pod. In 2010, she debuted her ready-to-wear clothing collection, Winter Kate. The same year, she received Glamour Magazines ‘Entrepreneur of the Year Award’ for House of Harlow 1960. Additionally, She launched a collection for Macy’s, ‘Impulse’ and her first fragrance in 2012. Though the sales earnings for her fashion brands are not publicized, the stars net worth reportedly increased by $3 million after they launched.

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