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Top 20 Sexiest Paparazzi Photos Of Female Celebrities

Top 20 Sexiest Paparazzi Photos Of Female Celebrities


We know, we know, society as a whole has decided that the paparazzi are a lowly group of bottom feeders, but damn they can get some incredible photos. Invading a celebrity beauty’s privacy is obviously deplorable but we have to admit that we can’t stop ourselves from taking a gander at the results. For this list, we’ll be taking a look at photos celebs have had taken of them by the legion of photographers that follow them wherever they go. Hell, we all know that in some cases the subject of these pics may just have made sure word got out of their location for the publicity and attention.

For the purpose of this list, we’ll be considering any photo at all that was taken of famous people while they were out in the world, not shot for the subject’s professional purposes or by friends. It doesn’t matter if the photo was the result of a telephoto lens from a great distance, or if it takes place as a stunning lady is exiting a vehicle or walking down the street. All we’re looking for is celebs looking sexy and having their image shot by a paparazzo.

20. Ariel Winter



Introduced to the world as Alex Dunphy, a character on Modern Family, where she arguably is as big a star as any, since the show is the epitome of an ensemble, Ariel Winter has matured a lot since then. Also lending her voice to a veritable bevy of projects including Mr. Peabody & Sherman, ParaNorman, and Curious George among several others, it is clear she doesn’t require her body to show talent. Seen here doing yoga on a beach, Ariel’s legs and backside are on full display revealing a great deal of the curves that she has become so well known for. Red Carpet shots were also considered as in a lot of cases the same rabble that follow celebs everywhere are allowed in media row.

19. Alexandra Daddario



When Alexandra received the role of Annabeth Chase in the Percy Jackson series of films she may have thought the series could have served as her launching pad. Instead, it was a supporting role in the first season of True Detective, where she appeared in one of the best nude scenes of all time, that really set her career down another path. After footage of her naked body was turned into gifs and spread everywhere across the internet, the consensus was that we wanted to see more of her and appearing in a Baywatch movie certainly like a good step. Another beach shot, this photo was taken by the paparazzi as the actress wore the now legendary swimsuit and bent over to get her sandals, providing a perfect butt shot.

18. Britney Spears



Britney Spears has gone through three distinct eras in her career, so far. The first period included her rise to fame, international superstardom, selling millions of records, serving as fantasy fodder for the legions, and multimedia success. The final period, to date, began when she managed to once again rise to the top of the charts and has included a long-standing and very lucrative engagement in Las Vegas. It was during the second period, though, amidst mental breakdowns, drug rehabilitation, and erratic behavior when paparazzi got this pic of Britney topless trying on clothes. Featuring a hint of nipple, the people who’d lusted after Britney for so long got their first view of her chest in its natural state.

17. Jaimie Alexander



Jaimie seems to be a star on the rise. Known best as Sif in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the role has seen her appear in the Thor movies that have been released as of this writing as well as crossing over to Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Of course, a single role is unlikely to be large and lucrative enough to serve as an actor’s entire career and since 2015, she has played the lead character in the crime drama Blindspot. Seen here walking on the red carpet for Thor: The Dark World, her image was shot by an endless array of photographers, some of whom were very likely to have been paps. Whoever it was who got this particular shot at this certain angle, hit the mother lode, as it provided a look at the actress’ nether regions, when straight on photos would not.

16. Stephanie Seymour



Clearly one of the hottest and most famous models of her or arguably any era, Stephanie, has been featured in magazines like the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and Playboy, to name just two. Also remembered for her rocky relationship with Axl Rose, which resulted in her making Don’t Cry and November Rain Guns ‘n’ Roses sexiest videos, simply by appearing in them, she is unforgettable. Seen here cavorting on the beach in a yellow bikini which is struggling to keep her breasts in check, the model can be seen adjusting her top and copping a feel of herself we’re jealous of.

15. Kim Kardashian



Famous because of her father’s legal career and a sex tape that she appeared in making the rounds online and in stores, Kim has held onto the spotlight mostly because of her looks. A mainstay of reality television for nearly a decade, Kim’s appeared in 12 series that pretends to capture the real life events in her and her family’s life. Seen here having fun in the water, white top from this side gives a great view of her curves as well as a clear glimpse of her nipple, which makes the pic more than worthy of inclusion here.

14. Ashley Benson



Famous due to her lead role in Pretty Little Liars, a show Ashley has been on since it began in 2010, she has capitalized on that success in truly impressive manner, landing a great deal of additional work. Movies like Spring Breakers and Pixels certainly were improved by her inclusion and we can only guess that trend will continue in her two movies that are set to come out in 2016. Seen here totally topless, her boobs are fantastic, which must have been obvious from the great distance the paparazzi was shooting her from.

13. Maria Menounos



Maria is an incredibly gorgeous woman whose looks, passion and personality have given her the opportunity to work as a correspondent on shows like Today, Access Hollywood, and Extra. Also managing to take part in four pro wrestling matches over the years, including a match at WrestleMania, Maria’s skills are not limited to hosting television segments. Seen here in perhaps the single most-seen photo of her life, her bikini bottoms have slid just enough to the side to make her the victim of a lip slip.

12. Megan Fox



After making her debut in the movie Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, Megan received the role of a lifetime as Mikaela Banes in the first two Transformers movies. Made into a sex symbol overnight, she has received consistent acting work in the years since, including roles in Jonah Hex, This Is 40, and the new TMNT franchise of films. Seen here on the film set of Jennifer’s Body, a horror film she starred in, the actress is completely topless with just her nipples covered in pasties which gave the world a look at her like we’d never had before.

11. Tove Lo

Clearly, one of the most provocative mainstream singers in the world today, Tove Lo has become world famous off the strength of her image, singing and songwriting skills. Becoming renowned after the release of Habits (Stay High), a song with mature themes that tackles the pain of a breakup, she followed up that success with tunes like Talking Body. Seen here taking part in a photoshoot on the beach, a paparazzi’s camera is getting an angle we weren’t supposed to see the nude singer, who is unsuccessfully attempting to cover her nipple with her arms.

10. Selena Gomez



A former child star that was the lead in the Disney Channel series Wizards of Waverly Place, Selena graduated to more mature fare in movies like Spring Breakers and Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising. Arguably more famous however for her music career, she has had several hit songs, including Good for You, Same Old Love, Hands to Myself and Come & Get It. Known as someone who frequently goes out without a bra on, she’s wearing a skin-tight top here that doesn’t do much to hide her hard nipples just below the fabric.

9. Rihanna



One of the sexiest celebrities of any era or medium that we can think of, Rihanna can be depended on to provide the public with great music and views of her body at regular intervals. Having earned 14 separate Billboard number one singles, she has become one of the best-selling artists of all time despite her relatively short career. Shot from the ground while she is nude, other than a white top that isn’t holding her nipples at bay, the snap’s true glory comes from seeing her naked and oh so sexy hips.

8. Chrissy Teigen



Chrissy Teigen is a world famous model who amazingly made her debut as a part of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue after she was discovered at a surf shop. Extending her brand with TV roles in shows like Lip Sync Battle, FabLife, and Extra, Chrissy has even tried her hand at acting in a few series. Another outtake of a photoshoot, we’re starting to love that trend as we couldn’t ask for much more than this shot. Smiling as she is photographed among the waves, her breasts are covered by cloth and her limbs in the official pics but here they’re utterly unencumbered.

7. Anna Kournikova



Anna, a former professional tennis player became one of the most famous athletes in the world despite never winning a solo title and retiring from the sport at the age of twenty-one. A mainstay of lists of the sexiest women in the world for several years, she also garnered a great deal of attention for her relationship with Enrique Iglesias, whose music videos she appeared in. Shot here while sunbathing topless, we presume she had no idea anyone was looking or even worse shooting photos of her when she went to lie on her chair, unveiling her breasts to the world.

6. Hilary Duff



We’re going to have to be a little delicate here. Hilary Duff first came to prominence as the star of the Disney Channel series Lizzie McGuire. She then moved on to star in movies like Agent Cody Banks, A Cinderella Story, and both Cheaper by the Dozen flicks. Also able to put together an impressive music career, she has released five albums to date, some of which have been certified platinum multiple times over. Photographed here after she’d been proposed to by Mike Comrie, she’s clearly very happy that he popped the question and let’s just say she decided to show him some appreciation.

5. Jessica Alba



We can’t imagine that there are many people who’d argue that Jessica doesn’t belong near the top of lists of the sexiest woman alive. First made famous for her role in the show Dark Angel, once that series ended she became a film star in movies like Idle Hands, Sin City, its sequel, and the first two major Fantastic Four films. An incredibly successful entrepreneur, she co-founded The Honest Company, a non-toxic household product company which as of August of 2015 was valued at 1.7 billion dollars. Consistently seen and photographed by legions of paparazzi, her decision to get her top wet, revealing her nipples, made this photo one of her best ever.

4. Vanessa & Nick Lachey



Yet another one we need to word carefully, this couple had their photo taken at the most intimate of times. A former member of the boy band 98 degrees, Nick’s greatest fame came after he and his then-wife, Jessica Simpson, starred in a short-lived but immensely popular reality show on MTV. On the other hand, Vanessa, a former Miss Teen USA, television host, fashion model and occasional actress owes her fame to her looks and versatility. Captured on film while on vacation, the pair were getting down and dirty in the pool.

3. Natalie Portman



One of the most famous and acclaimed actresses of her generation, Natalie first became renowned for her role in The Professional as a child actor. Moving on to plied her trade in movies like V for Vendetta, Garden State, Black Swan, and the Star Wars prequels, it is abundantly clear that Ms. Portman has made an indelible mark on cinematic history. Another victim of having her private moments sunbathing taken by a paparazzi, she was unaware was present, Natalie’s torso was left completely uncovered.

2. Anne Hathaway



After a series of stage roles gained the notice of Hollywood casting agents, Anne’s star began to rise when she became a teen star of sorts due to her lead role in the Princess Diaries movies. Since those early days, Anne has grown into one of Hollywood’s most recognizable actresses with her performances in Brokeback Mountain, The Devil Wears Prada, Interstellar, and many, many others. Her most acclaimed role, without question, is her part in Les Misérables, which she won a Golden Globe, BAFTA, and Academy Award for. She couldn’t have realized that her body would steal some attention from her acting tour de force, after photos of her getting out of a vehicle without panties on while her dress did her no favors hit the web.

1. Katy Perry

Resized-SACBM (1)


A former gospel singer who achieved the type of commercial success that even those of us with visions of grandeur are unlikely to have ever imagined, Katy has released one hit song after another. A curvaceous woman, whose music videos oftentimes contain her body in various stages of undress, this snapshot of the pop star may just be our favorite pic of her ever. Traveling aboard a ship, she can be seen wearing a pink bikini while striking a super sexy pose which is likely to inspire fantasies in almost anyone that views it.



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