Top 12 Richest Bassists in the World


They’re the guys in the background. They might not be the first ones that come to mind and they might not be as popular as their band’s guitarist or vocalist but bassists are important to any band. Some double as singers and many contribute greatly to the creative process as songwriters. Bass plays a much larger role in rock than people may realize. It may not stand out as much as the drums, guitars or vocals do but bass is part of the backbone of any musical group and along with the drums make up the all-important rhythm section.

Bassists are essential to any band’s sound. Though they may not get all the attention or credit they deserve many bassists are responsible for making songs sound whole. The deep tone of a bass prevents songs from sounding empty, something that is sometimes overlooked by fans but is key to every group’s sound none the less.

These are the worlds richest bassists.

12. Krist Novoselic — Net Worth: $40 Million


Krist Novoselic became famous as the co-founder of Nirvana along with Kurt Cobain. After Nirvana disbanded in 1994, Novoselic formed Sweet 75 a year after in 1995. The band was short-lived however and Novoselic quickly moved on to another project, Eyes Adrift a year after Sweet 75’s split. Like his previous group, Eyes Adrift only released one album – and it tanked – prompting the band to break up. Outside of music Novoselic has been active in a number of political and social causes and founded JAMPAC, a political action committee dedicated to preserving freedom of expression in music for artists and freedom of choice for consumers.