Top 10 Athletes Turned Actors


Looking for a list of athletes who have gone on to be successful actors? If so, you’ve found it! This list ranks actors by their career earnings through their acting careers, and omits their earnings as athletes. Quite a few athletes have had success on both the field and the stage, so read on to find out who the biggest names in both show business and sports are.

10. Shaquelle O’Neal,  $8 Million

Known as “Shaq”, Shaquille O’Neal only starred in one film, Kazaam. Unfortunately for Mr. O’Neal, Kazaam has gone down as one of the worst reviewed films in history (according to Rotten Tomatoes and IMBD). The movie also failed to recoup its budget at the box office and may have ended Shaq’s acting career before it even began. Still, Shaquille O’Neal did earn a nice $7 million dollar paycheck for his efforts. Besides staring in Kazaam, Mr. O’Neal has had smaller roles in various TV shows, music videos, and also had an important role in the film Blue Chips.