UK’s Media Millionaires 2012 – The Sunday Times Rich List

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The 2012 UK’s 20 richest media millionaires have been released by the Sunday Times Rich List. Top of the list is the Barclay brothers. The Sunday Times Rich List 2012 is compiled by Philip Beresford, the leading authority on British wealth. The list is based on identifiable wealth, land, property, other assets such as art and racehorses, or significant shares in publicly quoted companies, and does not include the cash in their bank accounts, meaning the true level of their wealth could be even higher.

The richest people in publishing and advertising:

#1. Sir David and Sir Frederick Barclay

Net Worth:  £2.25 Billion

#2. Richard Desmond

Net Worth: £1 Billion

#3. Viscount Rothermere and family

Net Worth £760 Million

#4. The Thomson family

Net Worth: £700 Million

#5. Paddy McNally

Net Worth: £515 Million

#6.=Viscount Cowdray and the Pearson family

Net Worth: £500 Million

#6.=Felix Dennis

Net Worth: £500 Million

#8. Cristina Stenbeck

Net Worth: £369 Million

#9. Mark Getty and family

Net Worth: £330 Million

#10. Mike Danson

Net Worth: £310 Million

#11. Lord Iliffe and family

Net Worth: £266 Million

#12. Sir Martin Sorrell

Net Worth: £174 Million

#13. Mike Luckwell

Net Worth: £135 Million

#14. Philip and Patricia Brown

Net Worth: £132 Million

#15. Lord and Charles Saatchi

Net Worth: £130 Million

#16. Sir Ray Tindle

Net Worth: £125 Million

#17. Neil Hutchinson

Net Worth: £123 Million

#18. Nick Forman Hardy and family

Net Worth: £102 Million

#19. Alan Parker

Net Worth: £95 Million

20. Gregory Nasmyth and family

Net Worth: £85 Million

[Source: The Sunday Times 2012 Rich List]

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UK’s Media Millionaires 2012 – The Sunday Times Rich List