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12 Hottest Cartoon Characters We Wish Were Real

12 Hottest Cartoon Characters We Wish Were Real

Hot ladies in cartoons are as popular as hot models nowadays. If you ask comic book fans, they are even better – they look amazingly hot, and they kick ass – a killer combo. Imagination is the key to the cartoon character popularity. If that girl has a strong personality, beautiful face and a magnetic body, your inspiration is next to make her look even better and foremost, almost real. Who needs super-hot models when you have hot cartoon characters to fantasize about?

Remember when you were a child, you watched your favorite Saturday morning cartoon and focused on just that one character so much that you forget the name of the cartoon? Yeah, female characters in some of the most famous cartoons were so popular that you probably had a crush on every single one of them. And that is not that odd. We all loved them, and we still do. They are fictional, but you’ve got to admit that they would be incredibly sexy if they were real. They were drawn perfect, with no real-girl flaws and they can make your head spin around. To explore your fantasy, to imagine an entirely new world with them in it, to be a part of a different universe is to love a cartoon character. And it is not a taboo anymore. So, make yourself comfortable, let your imagination run wild, here are the heroines you most certainly wished were real:

12. April O’Neil

Oh, April… Every journalist’s dream girl, this Ninja Turtles darling had to be a part of this list. She was hot and intelligent at the same time. Also, she is probably the only TV reporter that could ever look like a perfect swimsuit model and still work in the sewer. Her tight jumpsuit attracted every young boy’s eye. The mighty turtles, a lot of action and loads of pizza kept us peeled to the screen. April and her curves in the famous yellow outfit was one more reason to watch this show, and we would love to see her on the field in real life. That would be entertaining, and we wonder who could play her. What do you think?

11. Pocahontas



This brown-eyed girl is not only every boy’s dream girl; many girls dreamed of looking like a real Pocahontas as well. Disney made this cartoon character just to make our jaws drop every time she appears on the screen. Pretty like an angel, body of a model, she would probably be a real Instagram diva with hot sexy selfies from the forest if she was real. With her long natural hair, dark skin and gorgeous eyes, Pocahontas could still be compared with some new cartoon hotties. The Good thing is that she never gets old!

10. Princess Jasmine

Princess Jasmine, the cute Arab princess from Aladdin, was every boy’s first love. The glossy outfit, curved body, and eyes to die for – Jasmine would totally rule the fashion scene if she was real. Her two-part red costume is among the most wanted costumes for many occasions, from the theme parties to bedrooms. Jasmine made the belly dancer dream real, and if she were real too, that would be a dream come true. All we can do now is to dream about this beauty and to wish to borrow Aladdin’s magic lamp, and to wish for, you know what.

9. Poison Ivy

It was so easy for Poison Ivy to be on this list. Just take a look at this body. She is a redhead, and everybody loves redheads; she wore leggings like 15 years before they were cool again, come on! She loves plants, and she is dressed in a leafy outfit, barely covering her intimate parts. She makes nature sexy. Once a geeky scientist obsessed with plants, and now fighting as a hero for the good causes, this hottie made geeks a lot more attractive. If she were real, she would be a reality star with her gorgeous curves and an odd, sexy personality. Nature would be pleased, and so would we.

8. Esmeralda



“See the finest girl in France. Make an entrance to entrance. Dance la Esmeralda… Dance!” said Clopin introducing Esmeralda. Sometimes she seems all innocent and cute, but Esmeralda is sexy as hell! Dark toned skin, brown eyes, slightly curved hair, and that dance. God, that dance. No wonder every girl wanted to be Esmeralda when this cartoon appeared, and every boy wanted a piece of her. If she were real, she would be a perfect example of fully natural beauty that never ages. When she spins those hips, our world revolves around her body; real or not, she is hot.

7. Tinker Bell



Yes, she is small, like three inches, but when you think about it, Tinker Bell is surely capable to be on this list. Especially when you see the pic we’ve found!

Her costume is so recognizable, and her little bit evil temper is so cute. Plus, she is a fairy, you can’t say no to a fairy. Tinker Bell is in love with Peter Pan though, and she is trying to seduce him during the cartoon. She is cute and different from all the other cartoon hotties on this list but remembers the saying “venom comes in small bottles.” We would sure be pleased to drink from hers if she was a real life girl.

6. Batgirl



Tight, black costume hides muscular, yet fine-toned body, capable of crushing your neck easily. Curves to die for. Dark appearance, and a bunch of gadgets. This girl is ready to take down anyone who stands in her way! If you’ve dreamed of having a close “encounter” with Batgirl, raise your hand. Don’t be shy!

Her costume looks like we can’t see anything but actually, man, we can see everything there is to see. Her abs, her entirely curved asset, and a perfect bust are coupled with some serious muscle. She is attractive because she is strong, capable and fearless. We would all like to see her in person however she behaves; it’s all good.

5. Zatanna

DC universe has its sexy gall. Zatanna Zatara appeared first in Hawkman 4. This pin-up fantasy girl is undoubtedly one of the most dreamed heroines nowadays. Zatanna is gorgeous, and her curves look stunning in every one of her tiny costumes she wears. She is magical, but she has that real-girl look, that can make you imagine this dreamy girl isn’t a cartoon. If you are still wondering why all boys from your block dream about perfect, curvy and dangerous girl Zatanna, remember that there are her costumes in the “adult” department in every toy store.

4. Storm



Boys do like bad girls. Storm is one of them; this X-Men’s girl is flawless. Storm’s tight costumes always leave nothing to the imagination. Those catchy eyes of hers, endless hair and her authentic personality make her a cartoon to dream about. Storm could be described as a perfect balance of girl powers, femininity, style and mystery. If she would be real, she would probably make a storm just entering a room.

3. Wonder Woman



If you want to drive a man crazy, just buy a Wonder Woman costume, and you are on the road! I mean it; it’s amazing how this character is still attractive to every single man, especially recently when Gal Gadot depicted this heroine in Superman v Batman: Dawn of Justice. Wonder Woman ties you up with her magic rope, and you are her prisoner. Every celebrity tried to pull off this costume on Halloween, even Kim Kardashian. We would all like to see her rocking that amazing outfit in real life that’s for sure. Just imagine her iconic lasso of truth, the sword and her sexy body in a real life fight. That would be a fight to remember.

2. Jessica Rabbit



The worst of all the bad cartoon girls on the earth. She is still the owner of the biggest crown when it comes to sexy cartoon ladies. She is still the most loved; the most copied and wanted cartoon hottie. On the throne since the ‘80s, she says that “no one knows how hard it is to be a woman and look the way she does.” Oh, some of her true life fans would give their fortune to make Jessica real and see how hard it is to look like this. The most well known animation sex symbol also said “I’m not bad. I am just drawn that way!” Oh, we all wish you were real, we do.

1. Black Canary

Here’s the one for the true, hardcore fans. Sexy, curved body in the tight costume; long legs and the shape of a goddess – yes, that’s her. Black Canary is the subject of the wet dreams of many who follow DC universe. In her adventures, she fights the bad guys with exceptional martial arts skills, and her signature attack – the ultrasonic scream. Her costume is one of the most popular ever in the universe (millions were sold), as it somewhat portrays a dark Playboy playmate without the fluffy tail. Black Canary is every DC Universe hardcore fans’ hottest girl in the world, and we can tell you – many would love to see the real Black Canary.

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