10 Memorable Celebrity Twitter Feuds


When a celebrity takes to social media they generally acknowledge that their lives are put under a little more scrutiny than the average person; they have to watch what they say on social media like Twitter and Facebook. Generally a celebrity will use social media to give fans some insight into their lives such as hobbies, what television shows or movies they themselves like, and let people in on their daily routines. Comedians will often use Twitter as another avenue to entertain, generally posting humorous observations and witty one-liners. A musician or film director might use it to update fans on the progress they’re making with a new song or movie.

Unfortunately things don’t always stay so rosy and ordered and like everyone else a celebrity can take to the Internet and start beef with another. The bad thing about this is given the public forum, everyone gets an opportunity to see a celebrity’s aired dirty laundry. Sometimes it’s entertaining and other times it can be embarrassing for everyone involved. Either way, since we can share, like, and re-tweet, everyone can get in on and be a part of the unfolding drama. Perhaps that’s why we seem to like it so much.

Without further ado, here are some of the best of the many celebrity altercations that have unfolded on Twitter.

10. Amanda Bynes Vs. Rihanna

A more appropriate name for this list item might be Amanda Bynes Vs. Everyone. A whole list could be compiled on Amanda Byne’s Twitter vitriol alone but that will have to wait for another day. Before her recovery from whatever it is she was doing or whatever it was she was going through, she seemed to just seek out other celebrities and attack them for no real apparent reason.

Case in point: Amanda tags Rihanna with what many would consider a pretty racist comment: “You look so ugly tryin to be white.” Rihanna makes a comment about interventions and moves on. Amanda however keeps picking at her. Even making it known she’s met her in person as if to say “I’m a celebrity too! Remember?”

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