10 Of Hollywood’s Worst Celebrity Tippers


With large amounts of cash and being in the public eye, one would think that all celebrities would recognize great service and be fantastic tippers. Unfortunately, some tip less than ten percent or in many cases – not at all. There are true gems that go above and beyond, like Johnny Depp who tipped $4000 on a $4400 bill in a restaurant in Chicago and Julia Roberts, who reportedly always tips 100%. On the other hand, there are the celebrities who make servers and bartenders cringe, when they see them sitting in their section. Here is a list of some of Hollywood’s worst tippers.

10. Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl has a net worth of $25 million and makes this list for two things, her lousy tipping and her high maintenance attitude. Reportedly, the former Grey’s Anatomy star complains about everything when dining out, sends food back to the kitchen multiple times and is extremely demanding. This comes as no surprise, considering the actress’s reputation of being extremely difficult to work with.

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