10 Major Plot Holes From Current Popular Shows


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Television is one of our most popular forms of entertainment, with huge shows gathering followings that result in conversations around the water cooler every week after the episode airs. We love dissecting each part of our favorite shows, from the characters to the plot to the script. We even speculate on what will happen next, sometimes with a degree of accuracy.

But sometimes, our favorite shows can let us down. After all, they are produced on a rapid turnaround, with seasons being filmed in a manner of weeks and in as much secrecy as possible. Whether they are based on source material like books or not, these shows have to constantly surprise us, coming up with new twists and keeping the biggest surprises under wraps until they air. This pressure often builds up and leaves writers missing out important details – or making mistakes.

These ten plot holes were found in some of the most popular television shows from the last year – showing that even the big hitters are not exempt from making a few errors. These plots should have been run through a bit more scrutiny before being aired, as it’s easy for viewers like us to pick them apart and point out areas where they are illogical or impossible. Ranging from stupid decisions by characters, to impossible situations, to whole casts having to suspend disbelief, you won’t believe you missed these plot holes when you were watching the shows. But now you know all about them, you won’t be able to unsee them!

10. Game of Thrones: Shireen’s Hair

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Shireen Baratheon, as you can verify yourself with a quick search, is blonde. Now, this doesn’t seem on the surface as if it should be anything but a minor and insignificant detail. But really, it’s a bit of a plot hole – and one that should have left Ned Stark’s theory dead in the water.

He was ultimately killed after he realized that the dominant Baratheon genes always left Robert’s children with jet black hair – meaning that the blonde-haired offspring of his wife Circe could not possible have been his. But what about Shireen, then? As a Baratheon, you would have thought those dominant hair genes would affect her too (after all, her father is also naturally dark-haired). If he had noticed that, Ned might have gone back to the drawing board – and avoided his own death.

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