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10 Hot Actresses Who Gave The Audience “Exactly” What They Want

10 Hot Actresses Who Gave The Audience “Exactly” What They Want

Sarah Michelle Gellar in a scene from the film 'Cruel Intentions', 1999. (Photo by Columbia Pictures/Getty Images)

Our first report was a big hit, so here are 10 more hotties who gave the audience what they want. We’ve got blondes, we’ve got brunettes, and we’ve got redheads. There’s something for every taste. This list is a little different, though, because we’ve also included television scenes. Who says that below the belt loving is just for the silver screen? With HBO pushing the envelope with its series, other cable networks have followed suit.

One thing all these actresses have in common, though, is that they show how fulfilling an “encounter” can be not just for a man, but also for a woman. It’s a well-kept secret that many women enjoy doing favors for their men. Fueled by pheromones and tactile sensations, women do get more than a little something out of the act. A savvy woman knows that if she pleases her man in this way, he can then move on to pleasing her – and for longer, if you catch the drift. Read on for more.

10. Jemima Kirke: Girls



Jemima Kirke plays the pretty but pretty messed up character of Jessa on Girls, who is adventurous in the bedroom. One of her best scenes was when she was in rehab. Kirke’s character was tired of listening to all the addicts’ sob stories, especially the ones spouted by an addict who Kirke believed was a lesbian. Kirke confronts her, but she’s in total denial. So, to prove her point, Kirke gives the girl some below the belt action. Needless to say, Kirke was right. Kirke is luscious with her soft skin, flowing blonde hair and wide pink lips. Her British accent and devil-may-care attitude serve to heighten the scene.

9. Margot Robbie: The Wolf of Wall Street



Hottie Margot Robbie gives an excellent “performance” in The Wolf of Wall Street. There’s a great scene of her giving Leonardo DiCaprio the star treatment – all while he’s driving a car! It’s a quick scene, but that only heightens the thrill of it all. Robbie is dressed to perfection in an expensive outfit with her blonde hair pulled up. She looks like a real classy lassie. The camera angle is just right, because it gives the voyeur a perfect bird’s eye view.

8. Sarah Michelle Gellar: Cruel Intentions

Cruel Intentions was an edgy movie – especially by 1990’s standards. It included explicit drug use, girl-on-girl kissing and promises of the backdoor deed. But all of that is overhyped. Watch the movie again, and you’ll be intrigued by Sarah Michelle Gellar giving a guy some serious mouth service. It’s a sensual scene, as the camera shows a well-dressed man lounging in the front seat of his convertible sports car. It’s evening and the moonlight is just right. Then, up pops Gellar’s head from his lap! It turns out that the dude wasn’t able to appreciate her favors as he was passed out. Gellar is super-hot, even she’s making a miffed face.

7. Natasha Lyonne: Orange is the New Black



Natasha Lyonne plays a mouthy, openly gay woman on Orange is the New Black. She’s been filmed getting hot and heavy with many of her female co-stars, but one that takes the cake is between Lyonne and Yael Stone, who plays Lorna. In the beginning of the series, the two have a friends with benefits-type of relationship. There’s an epic scene of the two of them in the bathroom. Stone is pushed up against a bathroom stall divider, while Lyonne is squatted down and really goes to town on her screaming companion. It’s enough to make any woman consider switching teams.

6. Mary Steenburgen: What’s Eating Gilbert Grape

Mary Steenburgen plays a total cougar in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. She has an affair with the ever-handsome Johnny Depp, who plays a teenager in the film. Steenburgen wants it – and wants it bad – when she’s making a cake in the kitchen. When Depp comes in, she promptly sends her children out of the room, then licks chocolate batter from her fingers, one at a time. She teases Depp by having him lick some off. Then, she surprises him with some afternoon delight courtesy of her mouth. Depp grunts and groans, proving that cougars can do it just as good as anyone.

5. Selma Blair: The Sweetest Thing



Selma Blair plays her mouth skills for laughs in the movie The Sweetest Thing. When her friends come home from a night on the town, they arrive to an emergency scene with a crowd. Blair’s friends rush to her aid, only to find that she and her hunky male partner are stuck together! How did it happen? The guy had a piercing “down there.” Blair’s friends try to pull her head off the man, which only results in both parties screaming. Blair tries to communicate with them, and her muffled voice is priceless. Her friends think up a hair-brained scheme to avoid surgery: they have her sing to relax her throat muscles. She sings an Aerosmith tune and badda-bing – problem solved.

4. Moira O’Hara: American Horror Story



You might not know her name, but you probably know her work. Actress Moira O’Hara played the sexy maid on season one of American Horror Story. Donned in her classic French maid uniform, she had many lustful scenes in the first season. She would show off her cleavage, pout her lips, and use her hands. Adding fuel to the fire was her glowing red hair and porcelain skin. The most memorable scene she was in showed her pleasing her boss, Dylan McDermott. The maid fantasy never goes out of style.

3. Ruby Rose: Around the Block

Ruby Rose skyrocketed to fame as a temptress on Orange is the New Black. Her looks are the perfect marriage between female and male, making her popular with men and women alike. Although she did some steamy scenes in the HBO series, her hottest scene was in a movie called Around the Block. In it, she gets busy with Christina Ricci. What makes the scene so memorable is the build up. The girls are first shown flirting, then kissing, then disrobing and so on.

2. Lady Gaga: American Horror Story



Lady Gaga was cast in the most recent installment of American Horror Story. Although the plot and her acting got mixed reviews, one thing everyone could agree on was that she did her steamy scenes perfectly. Each one is unique, from hooking up with randoms to wearing stunning lingerie to blood and gore. The best is when she is filmed kissing a conquest from his lips, down his chest, down his stomach… Her body slithers back and forth while the camera captures each movement. The cherry on top is the audio, as the audience can hear every last lick and gasp.

1. Amy Smart: Crank: High Voltage

Amy Smart gives an awesome performance in Crank: High Voltage when she gives Jason Statham some action. Statham’s character can only stay alive if his adrenaline is kept up, so he gets himself into dangerous situations to keep his heart pounding. When Smart finds out, she does what any good girlfriend would do – she puts her head in his lap and gets to it. This is all while the two are in a car chase and being shot at. Smart is turned on by the thrill of it all, and her head bobs up every now and then to kiss Statham and seek his approval. He keeps pushing her down to protect her from oncoming bullets – and to keep her at it. Smart stops just short of completion, much to Statham’s chagrin. Her reasoning is that she didn’t want him to fall asleep afterwards like he usually does at home.

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