10 Celebs With Their Own Production Companies


In Hollywood, there’s a certain pecking order and hierarchy to how things work. At the very top of the ladder are the big studio heads and decision makers who actually greenlight projects and conversely have the power to stall projects as well. Next, we have the big production companies who oversee and execute the making of films. Then scattered on the power and influence grid are the star agents, top-tier actors, entertainment lawyers, publicists, managers, writers, directors etc. Needless to say, there are a lot of moving parts to the Hollywood machinery.  A quick way to summarize the lay of the land is that the people with the most money and clout are at the very top and everyone else falls in place accordingly. With this structure in place, it’s no surprise that Tinseltown actors have taken to creating their own movie production companies so they don’t have to jump through all kinds of hoops to get their films made. Here are a couple of those actors with their own production outfits.

10. George Clooney – SmokeHouse Productions

In the present Hollywood landscape, George Clooney is definitely one of the elite names. He has the highly coveted dual qualities of being a highly respected dramatic thespian and also an actor that can lead a blockbuster film. Some of his most successful movies to date have been The Ocean’s 11 Series, the law drama Michael Clayton, the much acclaimed Up in the Air and the geo-political drama Syriana. Clooney also owns his own production with a movie director named Grant Heslov called SmokeHouse productions. Under this umbrella, they have produced movies like The American, Men Who Stare at Goats , the extremely successful Ben Affleck-directed  Argo and most recently The Monuments Men. It’s important to note that prior to SmokeHouse productions, Clooney was partnered with award-winning director Steven Soderbergh in another production company called Section Eight.

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