10 Highest Earning Bands Of All Time

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Although most of the bands in this list are no longer in existence, their music still lives on the hearts and minds of their fans due to syndication and the popularity the bands enjoyed during their time. Regardless of your taste in music, these bands qualify to be the greatest bands of all times based on album sales and sold out tour dates. The bands also boast of having more platinum record sales, than most artists in the game today.

It is important to note that our list of top ten highest earning bands is dominated by rock bands. There are however a few bands in this list with a pop and dance touch incorporated in their act. All in all, rock bands seem to take the day when taking about the highest earning bands of all time. Given the fact that the U.S. and the U.K have the biggest percentage of rock music fans, expect the highest earning bands in this list to come from these two countries. There are however a few rock bands in this list from other countries like Sweden and Ireland.

As mentioned above, most rock bands in this list are no longer active like old times. There are however a few that have decided to come back together due to popular demand. Most of the bands in this list have done tribute tours and one time shows long after they considered retirement. Some have even tried to get back together to create tribute records, cover songs, and special tour dates for their fans worldwide.

Such moves have cemented their earning positions to date. In fact, most of the bands featured in this list are still earning years after some of them released their last albums. They have managed to make an impressive comeback thanks to syndication rights for songs used in movies, radio and TV. If you are interested in knowing which bands top the list in terms of earnings, below are top 10 highest earning bands of all time bases on certified unit sales and other factors like tour dates, net worth e.t.c.

10. ABBA – Certified Unit Sales: 58 Million

ABBA is the only Swedish band to make it to this list.  The band released their first album in 1972. They worked together for 10 years. Although ABBA was considered a pop/ disco band, they have a number of heavy hit songs under their belt. Some of ABBA’s greatest hit songs include Fernando and Dancing Queen. Considering the band was only active for 10 years, they performed extremely well given the fact that they have sold over 381 million albums and singles worldwide. The band members have a total estimated net worth of $300 million earned in album sales, tribute tours and concerts as well as music rights.

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