10 Child Stars Who Grew Up Hotter Than Neville Longbottom


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We all love seeing those “where are they now” features, right? It’s so funny to take a look at the stars who were on screen in your childhood and find out that they are now fat, old, ugly, or unsuccessful. It’s incredible to see what kind of transformation can happen from the person whose poster you used to have on your wall to a middle-aged has-been.

What’s even more shocking and surprising, however, is when child stars turn out the other way: absolutely smoking hot. And it can happen. It can happen a lot. Recently jaws dropped open around the world when former Harry Potter star Matthew Lewis was photographed half-naked for Attitude Magazine. His six-pack and his, well, package attracted a lot of attention, all of it in sharp contrast to the chubby and unpopular character of Neville Longbottom that he was known for playing. Losing weight, going to the gym, growing a beard, and growing up all did him a lot of favours. Now he’s recognised as more of a heartthrob, and could certainly give former co-star Daniel Radcliffe more than a run for his money.

So what happened to all of those child stars you used to know, from movies and television? Did they all drop out of showbiz and get ugly? Of course not – a lot of them grew up with a transformation that even makes Matthew Lewis look like a normal boy-next-door. Here are some of the hottest transformations that actors made from boys to men.

10. Johnathan Lipnicki

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Just like Matthew Lewis, we all remembered Johnathan Lipnicki as a little kid from the movies. He was always a blond-haired cutie, with a big smile and spiky hair that got him roles in Jerry Maguire and Stuart Little. But those were back in the 1990s, and when he took some time out for high school, he started training in Brazilian jiu-jitsu as well. This earned him a seriously muscular physique, and he also grew into his face – though he still has that cute smile. He’s fought his way back into Hollywood and looks set to take on some big film roles in the near future.

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