10 Celebs Who Get Paid Big Bucks To Make Appearances


Believe it or not, some celebrities get paid a lot of dough just to make an appearance for a couple of hours, whether it’s subtly wearing a brand of clothing for a small fee at a music fest, or performing for a questionable world dictator and receiving millions. The money they earn would be considered extra cash on top of their already generous salaries. But for a celeb, this also means they get lavished with private jets, stay at luxury hotels and make quick cash. Although celebrities benefit, sometimes they naively choose events that have caused uproar because of human rights violations. Apparently, not all famous people are good at doing their research ahead of time, which has often resulted in scandals.

10. Aaron Paul

image source: celebzter.com

The Breaking Bad actor reportedly got paid $15,000 and was given VIP passes for himself and his wife to attend the desert-based Coachella Music Fest this year. Paul goes to the festival practically every year (he met his wife there), so it would almost seem unnecessary for him to actually get paid to be there, especially considering regular music fans are already paying almost $400 for a weekend pass. Paul also got paid $16,000 to hang out with other celebrities at millionaire Jason Hope’s pricey Christmas Party in Arizona a couple of years ago.

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