‹ 10 Celebrity Splits That Broke Our Hearts

2) Brad Pitt & Jennifer Aniston

Brad and Jennifer’s very public and very painful divorce in 2005 took all of Hollywood and its fans in the grips of a media frenzy. Married for 5 years, Jennifer and Brad were quite the talk of the town. Jennifer was a household name with her super hit show Friends and Brad was a superstar in his own right. The two looked great together, be it walking the streets in jeans and Ts, like us commoners, or walking the red carpet in designer glamour. Everyone thought this fairytale had reached its ‘happily ever after’. Their marital problems before the appearance of a certain Ms. Jolie seemed to have been private and neatly tucked under the carpet. But after the launch of Mr. and Mrs. Smith, the marriage could not withstand the barrage of rumors floating around about the leading man and lady. It is a shame, but whatever the reason for the split, a lot of us would have loved to see the couple and their much-loved dogs together again.

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