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15 Best Kate Upton Swimsuit Photos Of All Time

15 Best Kate Upton Swimsuit Photos Of All Time

One of the most sought-after models in the world today, Kate Upton seemingly came out of nowhere to become one of the sexiest celebrities in the world today. A curvaceous beauty whose body looks incredible in nearly anything, it still goes without saying, to anyone who is aware of her, that it is images of her in swimsuits that most people enjoy the most. A buxom blonde who fills out a top admirably, it isn’t exactly a mystery as to why we all love to see her not fully dressed. In that spirit, we decided to do the difficult work of scouring the many, many photos of this gorgeous woman in swimwear and put together a list of the best of the best. We know, we know, the sacrifices we make for you.

In order for an image to be considered, all it really needed to include was Ms. Upton in a swimsuit of some sort. That means when she has her photo taken in one piece, bikinis, halters, and all the rest we put thought into whether or not it belonged on this list. It didn’t matter if the photo was taken for inclusion in a magazine, advertisement or movie, was taken in her private life or whether it was a screen grab from a video of her, all we cared was what she’s wearing. We’re also perfectly okay with her taking some of the elements of her swimsuit off for the photo as long as some part of it remains on. Finally, it is perfectly okay for anyone else to be included in the photo but what we cared about is how Kate looks.

15. Selfie

A photo taken by the woman herself and uploaded to social media, it proves that she doesn’t need a professional photographer and many of the trappings of a professional shoot to look good. Although we can’t see all of her body, what we do see is ample enough to be a delight to observe. Wearing a white bikini top which appears to have flowers coming off of it and tiger stripes, her attire or lack thereof ensures your eyes are drawn where she wants them. Then, after a moment of peering at her body, you notice that her eyes are absolutely gorgeous. Shot in what appears to be twilight; this photo is remarkable enough that we instantly knew it had to be included when we saw it. That smirk on her face certainly makes it seem like she knows how hot the photo is too.

14. Relaxing



Another photo that doesn’t show all of Kate’s body, don’t worry, we enjoy all of her and we’ll be getting to full body shots of her real soon. First, though, let’s take a look at this glorious snap of the model looking quite at ease. Shot by highly controversial photographer Terry Richardson, this image where she is lying in the grass gives us a great view of her immense bust covered by a relatively small bikini top. Incredibly enough, this photo was taken in a photoshoot for GQ Magazine but wasn’t deemed good enough for inclusion at publication. Instead, released as an outtake online, it is the highlight of the set in our minds. After all, who among us doesn’t enjoy imagining ourselves lying near a person that attractive?

13. Ice Queen

Models are sometimes asked to wear clothes in ways and locations that most of us would never think of and this shot is a perfect example of that. A photo taken for the 2013 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, this time, she found herself in bikini bottoms, a loose top, gloves and a hat, all of which are white as snow, while in Antarctica. Clearly a chilly locale, that is not the typical place where such scantily clad women find themselves, we have to imagine that she kept the notoriety of the annual issue and her paycheck in mind. Either that or she could be spending her time imagining herself in front of a fireplace, warm as a bug. No matter what thoughts were running through her head at the time, she should rest assured that the resulting image is entirely worthy of her sacrifice.

12. The 2013 SI Cover

When magazine editors decide which photo they place on the cover of their issues it is a business decision, where they conclude which pic will make people want to spend their money the most. All we can say in this case is bravo. Her second cover appearance for the aforementioned Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, this time around she traded in her bikini top for a jacket but somehow made it even more revealing. Revealed to be taken in Antarctica, her choice of warmer clothing makes perfect sense to us while the fact that the zipper isn’t employed at all while she wears nothing underneath has us hot under the collar. Advertising that Kate Upton Goes Polar Bare, they may have been proud of their wit but we’re pretty sure that most of us enjoy the view of a beautiful blonde’s body a whole lot more.

11. Black and White Beauty



A snapshot taken for the June 2014 issue of Vogue Magazine, the article may have looked at her rise to fame and her fight against those who thought she’d never make it but we weren’t there for the article. Shot by photographer Mario Testino, this black and white photograph is anything but plain Jane. Showing off a lot of side boob, it is very clear that all involved know what her fans want to see most. Another shot in which she sports a glowing smile, her hair looks stupendous as ever and the water in the background looks almost as inviting. All we can say is, if you somehow don’t find this photo isn’t incredibly seductive, we don’t get it. But don’t worry, there is more of Kate coming your way.

10. Bottom Buddies



The second and last photo of Kate taken from social media, this time, she is not alone as Jessica Rafalowski, another model, and former pageant queen accompanies her. Both wearing bikinis, the tops they’re wearing make it practically impossible for viewers to do anything but instantly look at their bottoms. An aspect of Kate’s body that doesn’t get nearly as much attention as her breasts, we’re here to say that her rump is something to look at. While the other woman in the photo has a huge smile on her face, probably because she realizes how silly the photo is, Kate’s face tells a completely different story. Looking like she wants to seduce the camera with her eyes, it appears clear to us that she enjoys the attention her banging body gives her, even now after years of celebrity.

9. Peering Over

Another shot for Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue, this photo comes courtesy of a shoot from The Cook Islands in 2014. Although they took many, many photos of Ms. Upton during this particular photoshoot, there is no doubt that when they saw this particular moment caught in time they knew they’d struck photographic gold. A gorgeous pic that combines an obscene amount of cleavage with Kate knowingly sliding her sunglasses off, the implication is very clear. Made all the sexier by the water dripping off her body and the smile on her face, we can barely think of any way this photo could look any better. Impossible to look away from and glorious enough that few would want to, this photo is a perfect addition to her modeling portfolio and this list.

8. How’s My Hair?



Commonly listed as one of the hottest celebrities under the age of thirty, Kate more than deserves those accolades, as is clearly obvious for anyone looking at this shot. Lying on her side in the sand, with her hand in her hair, virtually nobody is looking at her blonde locks. Showing off a hint of her bikini bottoms and legs, the real focus of the picture is her chest. Affected by gravitational force, her left boob is barely held in by her top, giving us a fantastic view of what she is working with. Throw in the seductive look on her face and that sprawling hair and you have an equation for a glorious photo of a real babe. If all beaches were filled with scenes like this, we’d be perpetually tanned.

7. In The Sand

We’ve got to tell you, the people behind Sports Illustrated created magic when they flew Kate to The Cook Islands in 2014. That said, we do have to say that we really hope that an assistant or someone used an umbrella to keep the particular spot this model found herself lying out of the sun. As anyone who has walked barefoot on a beach with the sun bearing down on it can attest, it is awfully easy to feel overheated and it isn’t even our privates touching down. Seen wearing only bikini bottoms and a smile, Kate’s upper half is only kept obscured by the fact that she is lying face down with her chest obscured by the beach. Also giving a pretty nice view of her bottom from the side, whoever composed her pose was meticulous in all the right ways. Arching her back just enough to show as much of her as possible without making the photo too mature for their magazine or this list, her position is just about perfect.

6. Untied

Another photo that features Kate’s breasts just shy of being exposed, this time, they remain concealed because she holds the strings of her bikini in her hand. With a look on her face that we don’t see too often, her typical smile is replaced by an almost pained expression that seems to communicate that she is afraid her grasp will fail soon. Although our logical mind severely doubts that her effort to remain clothed was ever difficult in the slightest, it doesn’t stop us from enjoying the idea that she may choose to loosen her grasp and unleash her bosoms. Then our eyes peer down to the rest of her famous body and her colorful bikini and we realize we’ve discovered the type of photo that you never want to forget.

5. A Handful

The second entry on this list that was shot by Mario Testino for a 2014 issue of Vogue Magazine, we were mesmerized the moment we saw this picture. Although we have to admit that we were left scratching our heads when we noticed that she is wearing a visor that reminds of the kind dealers once wore while handing out cards, this far too much awesome going on this photo to focus on that aspect for more than a millisecond or two. Featuring our favorite model peeling off her wetsuit to reveal a bikini, we fully support her decision to also unzip her top. Covering her boobs with her hand, there is something so sensual about seeing someone who looks so good with only a body part covering up her naughty bits. Now, if only we could convince her to clap or reach for something, then this photo would be a dream come true.

4. About to Dance



Several years ago now, a video hit the internet of Kate Upton called Cat Daddy, where she began to dance in a relatively small bikini and it drove the masses wild. Moving in an overtly sexual manner which sent certain parts of her bouncing bewitchingly, it led to the minds of millions running wild and became a sensation virtually overnight. Viewed more than twenty-two million times, the video was captured as a part of a photoshoot taken by the aforementioned highly, highly controversial photographer Terry Richardson. Although the model claims to have been unaware that the video would be released, she says that the pair has since made peace, which makes the word’s enjoyment of the video all the better. A photo in which Kate is seen wearing the same bikini from the infamous video, she may be motionless here but that doesn’t mean the result is any less mind-blowing. Shot from a downward angle, the photo gives us a great view of her and the connection to the famous video only ups the sexy ante.

3. Side View



A photo that was taken for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, which is one of the most sought after modeling gigs in the world, our jaws dropped to the ground when we first saw it. Taken in 2014, a couple of years after she made her first appearance on the cover of the annual issue, there is little doubt in our minds that she deserves to be a part of the modeling cream of the crop. Shot from the side, it gives us a great view of her bust which is made all the more salacious because of the positioning of her arm. A true beauty in the sand, barely out of the water, this photo is the type of thing beach fantasies are made of.

2. Pretty in Pink



The only photo on this list that features Kate in a one piece, this one proves that any type of swimwear can look incredible on the right person, especially when it is cut in a way that is pretty revealing. A bright pink swimsuit that is perfectly complimented by her choice of eyewear, everything we see here works in concert with one another to create a dazzling impression on viewers. Let’s be honest though, we’re here to look at her body and we’re provided a great opportunity to do that here. What more can we say about how she looks here that your instincts aren’t already telling you.

1. Cresting



We’re just going to go ahead and say it, DAMN. Of course, it only seems right that for our top pick we chose a photo from Kate’s 2014 Cook Island shoot but anyone looking at our number one has to realize that it deserves its ranking. Called one of Kate’s best moments by Sports Illustrated itself, who are we to disagree with the publisher of the most famous magazine of sexy swimwear photos in the world? With her torso barely beginning to pop out of the water, this shot gives us our greatest view yet at her most famous attributes. Wearing a particularly vibrant bikini that draws our attention to the most sensual parts of her body (as if we needed another reason), our envy of the water which cradles her body is off the charts.

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