Chad Hurley Net Worth

Net Worth: $335 Million

  • Source of Wealth YouTube
  • Nationality United States

About Chad Hurley

American born Chad Hurley has an estimated net worth of $335 million. Hurley is the co-founder and former CEO of the popular video sharing tube site, Youtube. In October 2006 he and business partner Steve Chen sold YouTube for $1.65 billion to Google. 

Born in Birdsboro, Pennsylvania and gained his B.A in Fine Art from the University of Pennsylvania. He began his working career as a designer and programmer for PayPal and had designed the PayPal logo that the company used for a very long time in the past. He has consistently ranked in various magazines for his wealth or ability or skills. Recently he was ranked 28th on “50 people who matter now” list. Chad Hurley had also invested in a formula one team named Team US F1. But later on march 2, 2010 the team was shut down and the teams personnel were released from their duties. Neither Chad nor his partner gave any explanation for the shutdown.

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