Jordan Belfort Net Worth

Net Worth: $-100 Million

  • Source of Wealth Motivational Speaking, Book Sales
  • Birth Place The Bronx, New York, USA
  • Marital Status Denise (divorced), Nadine (1991–1998) (divorced)
  • Full Name Jordan R. Belfort
  • Nationality American
  • Date of Birth July 9, 1962
  • Ethnicity American
  • Occupation Motivational Speaker, Autor,
  • Education American University
  • Children 2
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About Jordan Belfort

Jordan Belfort is a Motivational Speaker, and Author. His net worth is in the negative as he’s indebted to the tune of more than $100 million in reparative damages caused by a pump and dump scheme his firm “Stratton Oakmont” used to defraud gullible investors to the tune of $200 Million.

He is a Classic Example of Falling from Grace. He now earns a living doing Business Oriented Motivational Speeches, as well as the earnings off his 2 Best Sellers The Wolf Of Wall Street in 2008, and Catching The Wolf Of Wall Street.

The Wolf Of Wall Street was made into a Movie in 2013. The film is directed by Martin Scorsese and has Leonardo DiCaprio portraying Belfort.