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7 of the Greatest Spies Who Ever Lived

Espionage is a dangerous line of work, but what it lacks in safety it surely makes up for in excitement. At least that’s what all the films, books, and television …

10 Influential Artists Who Won’t Go To Israel

Gaza  – a disputed exclave of Palestine, bordering Egypt and Israel – currently at the centre of seriously destructive ongoing conflict involving religion, violence, and war between Israel and Palestine. …

10 Of The Youngest CEOs Today

In this new fast-paced age, everything from technological advances to consumer demand seems to be growing at a more rapid rate than ever before – including our children. The younger …

10 Countries With The Most Awesome Healthcare

Even if everyone’s getting more into healthy living, eating organic and exercising frequently, it doesn’t hurt to have contingencies in case of medical emergencies. When it comes to choosing the …

10 Ordinary People Who Earned Their Millions From YouTube

  • Aug 5, 2014

We live in a day and age where it’s very possible to become a millionaire practically overnight. Gone are the days when getting exposure relied largely upon signing your soul away to a massive TV corporation. Nowadays, you can create, executive produce, …

12 Female Celebrities Who Earn More Than Their Man

  • Jul 27, 2014

Almost 15 years into the new millennium, and it’s already brought about rapid change. Technology has soared to heights previously unimaginable. America elected the first African-American president in 2008, and may well see the first woman …

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