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Jennifer Lopez Shows Off Intense Backside Exercise

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Jennifer Lopez Shows Off Intense Backside Exercise

Via People

This probably comes as surprise to, well, no one, but Lopez is in fantastic shape. Seriously! At age 48, she’s got dance moves and a set of killer abs that would put anyone half her age to shame.

How does the famed singer/actress do it? Well, diet obviously plays a part, but so does hitting the gym, and hard.

We recently got a small insight into what makes her fantastic booty bounce from a video posted on Instagram by celebrity trainer David Kirsch. The video features Lopez performing an exercise called the “platypus walk” during a training session while her daughter watches on in the same kind of rapt attention that anyone seeing such a thing would.

The platypus walk is no simple exercise. You first start in a deep plié squat, something that requires strong enough foot muscles to even attempt, and then waddle back and forth while keeping your legs splayed wide and feet angled outward. Your weight should always remain on the heels of your feet and your hands can be either on your hips or your head.


You may look slightly ridiculous (even Lopez can’t make the exercise as impressive as lifting a giant weight above your head), but it’s fantastic for your hams, glutes, and quads.

It doesn’t just work your lower body either. Keeping your hands above your head also works the back and core, and even the upper body gets a little kick. It’s a brutal exercise that works the whole body and really saps your stamina if you do it for long.

Gotta get it in… #workinonmyfitness #gymtime #cardio #thereIamwithnomakeupagain! Lol

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The real challenge in the platypus walk comes from trying to keep the correct form. Your knees must be bent outwards but at the same time never cross over the threshold of your ankles. The urge is to bring your knees forward and walk like a normal person, which is an instinct that must be fought to do the exercise right and get the most out of walking like a platypus.


As Lopez shows, it’s a fantastic exercise. You don’t need equipment, takes very little space, and when done correctly, is relatively low-impact so it won’t wear out your knees. It can be added to almost any routine, from cardio to strength training, as a warm up or as longer exercise.

Oh, and before we forget, Lopez’s shirt says “but first, the gym” – an attitude we should probably all adopt.

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