19 Hilarious Infomercial Moments


Infomercials are the Best at creating problems with our everyday lives and offering a simple solution. Hard to believe a Marketing team actually approved, had a production team shoot, edit, and then actually AIRED such gems for our eyes and minds to gather during those late nights in front of the tube fighting insomnia…….

1) Having a Hard Time With That Saran Wrap??

2) Laundry Detergent Spilling All Over The Place Because You Lack Understanding Placement And Volume??

3) Is Your Measuring Tape Making You Lose Balance All The Time?

4) Did You Seriously Let A Woman Attempt To Attach A Counter On The Wall?

5) Having A Hard Time Putting On A Shoe…

6) … And An Even Harder Time Taking Off Someone Else’s Show??

7) Do You Lack The Understanding Of Heat When Cooking On A BBQ?

8) WHY Is Eating Chips While Watching TV Such A Hassle??

9) There’s Got To Be Another Way……

10) Seriously! Who Eats That Many Cheetos???

11) Is Ice Cream Spilling All Over Your Shirt Because You’re Tilting The Spoon Too Much??

12) Too Much Ketchup Spilling All Over The Place When You JUST Want To Season Your Food??

13) Are Eggs Giving You A Hard Time When You Just Want To Cook??

14) Have Your Kids Not Yet Grasped The Concept Of Opening The Juice Bottle Inside The Fridge…….

15) …… And How To Pour It Properly?

16) Is Your Kid Really Having Such A Hard Time Pouring Without Spilling?

17) No Seriously! Enough With These Kids That Can’t Pour Properly Without Spilling Half The Bottle Everywhere!

18) OK! It Almost Look Like They’re Doing This On Purpose Now…….

19) WOW! Even Adults Are Having A Hard Time!

Luckily for them, some useless gizmo was invented to facilitate life and all the hardships it occurs.