The Top 10 Highest Average Salary Per Country


The average wage in a country measures the financial well being of that country’s inhabitants. Naturally, the higher the average wage, the better it is for the people. It means there is more money to spend and more cash to save. While there are a host of other factors to consider, like tax rates, cost of living, security, welfare packages, etc, it may be safe to say that these are the countries where you want to live in.

Here now is a list of the top 10 highest average salary per country.

10. Netherlands – $29,269 per year

Average annual income is at $47,056, though compulsory deductions were a high 37.8 percent. Disposable income level dropped by $544. Foodstuffs, electrical goods, tourism, machinery and chemicals dominate its economy. It has the largest port in Europe in Rotterdam and its location is strategically placed near the English and German markets.