Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in 2013

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There are plenty of high-income opportunities available around the world that people can use to increase their wealth. Pursuing these high-paying careers can definitely ensure a better future for you and your family.

Of course, when it comes to high paying jobs, you might immediately think of employment in the glitz and glamour of show business and sports. However, the competitive nature of the industry and the irregular pay that many receive make the lifestyle difficult for most to live with.

On the other hand, people working in fields like medicine, engineering, and aviation have been found to be among the top earners, with very attractive median salaries versus their counterparts in other industries. If you want to know the exact nature of these jobs, here is a rundown of the top 10 highest paying careers in 2013.

10. Natural Sciences Manager

These people do earn a lot, but that comes with huge responsibility. They are expected to supervise research conducted in various fields, including agriculture, climate science, and disaster prevention. They usually work with consultancy firms, and can also be employed by huge state research projects. A natural science manager can earn up to $100,000.