The Eight Best Languages To Learn For Business

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The world is becoming more and more interconnected. Advancements in technology are seeing the world become smaller, and countries more dependent on each other. For those reasons, it is imperative for businesses to learn to work and communicate with people from different backgrounds.

More and more, different countries are becoming dependent on importing goods from overseas locations instead of staying with domestic producers. Being able to connect with other suppliers, partners, and customers will help a business truly grow to its full potential, and open doors to markets that might otherwise remain out of reach.

Though money would seem to be enough, it’s often the case that large companies must make the leap to operating in a new language in order to reach other markets. There are huge customer bases that will be unfortunately missed out on if the speakers of these languages are not specifically targeted. Retaining employees fluent in languages other than whichever is used in the company’s day-to-day is a must for those organizations that truly want to grow their operations to the fullest. It grants a whole new reach to companies that want to go international.

Because of that, fluency in foreign languages is a skill that employers will prize in business settings. Beyond that, when one is looking to start a business that will have international success, knowing a second language can be a huge advantage for success in a chosen industry. Connecting with customers, businesses, suppliers, and potential partners is always crucial to success. Being able to cross cultural boundaries by being fluent in a foreign language is a very good way to create new business relationships that will help any organization thrive.

When looking at learning a foreign language for the purposes of business, one needs to look at which ones will be the best fit. There are certain languages that are going to be more beneficial for individuals to learn within a business setting.  Here are eight languages that are sure to open doors across the world.

Russian – 160 Million Native Speakers

Russia is full of very wealthy people hungry for new arenas in which to do business. There are some great opportunities available for companies looking to expand to this affluent part of the world, but many Russian businesspeople do not speak good English. Because they don’t know much English, most may only do business with others who are Russian-speaking.

Translators are an option, but it’s hard to beat a conversation without an intermediary. This language is one of the more challenging to learn, but the time it takes is worthwhile if it means making deals with wealthy partners in enormously important markets. Six countries include Russian as an official language.