Five Jobs That Didn’t Exist Ten Years Ago

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The world of technology has changed the way that we think about the work we do. Complete cities have been uprooted by technological changes that have force out entire industries. Detroit, once a huge center of industry, has taken a turn for the worse in recent years thanks to robotics. Where once it took a team of people to build a car, it now only takes a few individuals to regulate the automated builders. The automotive industry has been forever transformed.

In the 1990s, there were many individuals who truly thought that the internet was a fad. It wasn’t long before those people realized that the internet was here to stay. We all know now that the internet is a huge part of our world economy, and keeps us connected globally on a daily basis. Sales on the internet in 2012 accounted for $225 billion of the global economy. Anyone who said that the internet was going to be just a passing trend long ago ate their words.

There are many new jobs that have been created thanks to new technologies that didn’t even exist 10 years ago. Technology has really changed the game when it comes to skills that need to be learned in order to thrive in the modern economy. With new jobs being created in this digital age, it is important to be on top of your game when it comes to what you are learning. Traditional education, in some cases, is not going to cut it anymore. Here are just a few jobs that have appeared as a result of new technology.

Social Media Marketer – Avg. Salary: $59,000

The world of social media has really blown up in the last 10 years. Back in the early 2000s, there were very few sites that you could go onto to create your own user profile. It was up to software applications like AOL Messenger and MSN Messenger to get this job done. Though some companies tried to get social networks going, it wasn’t until the advent of MySpace that social media really became a driving force for businesses.

Since the days of MySpace, we’ve seen the release of plenty of new social media networks that can help companies grow, though there are obviously a few big sites that you need to focus on when you are building a following. The sites that you want to focus on are usually YouTube, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Instagram. It can be very difficult for a business to update all of these different pages every day with their busy schedule, and that’s where a social media expert can come in. These individuals are pros when it comes to making effective videos, posts, and photos with viral potential. For now, it is a great idea for a company to have a social media expert on their team. If you find that you are great at getting a ton of followers on social media sites, you may be able to use that skill to build a lucrative career for by helping businesses reach more customers on social networking sites.