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Sara is a freelance writer, parenting blogger, and public relations specialist who loves offbeat pop culture and rock music. When she isn't writing she can be found devising diabolical plans, drinking stout, and obsessing about Alice in Wonderland. As an Archie Comics fangirl she's Team Veronica.

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15 Creepy Myths And Legends About The Werewolf Curse

Sara Pacella

One of the most surreal “adult” moments is having to explain urban legends and folklore to a child, particularly if they’ve awoken at 3 a.m. screaming about witches, vampires, werewolves, …

15 Things Women Can Do That Men Can’t

Sara Pacella

Men and women may often feel like they come from different planets. No matter how much we’ve evolved from our caveman (and cavewoman) days there are still all sorts of …

15 Celebrities With Relatives Who’ve Killed

Sara Pacella

Reputations have a tendency to follow people around, no matter how hard they try to keep their image squeaky clean. Anyone with older siblings can attest that teachers make assumptions …

15 Child Actors Who Experienced Terrible Tragedies

Sara Pacella

Growing up can be a traumatic experience, even for people who have relatively “normal” childhoods and adolescent years. Other kids don’t have it as easy, because no one has control …

15 Terrifying Animal Attacks You’d Never Expect

Sara Pacella

When you think about animal attacks, you probably think about some of the scariest predators around. People talk about giant gators terrorizing golfers in Florida, bears that get too close …

15 Reasons She Sucks At “Happy Hour”

Sara Pacella

Chemistry in the bedroom with someone is akin to a dance, with a number of missteps and wrong moves it can go from phenomenally hot to sloppy, jerky and downright …

15 Things You Didn’t Know About The Archie Comics

Sara Pacella

Sometimes a reboot gets us thinking about people, places, and things that we haven’t thought about since we were kids. New takes on characters that seemed like next-door neighbours can …

The 15 Hottest TV Nerds From The ’90s

Sara Pacella

Growing up, a crush wasn’t always that boy or girl sitting across from you in chemistry class. Sometimes it was that person who popped up on the television screen during …

15 Marine Animals More Terrifying Than Sharks

Sara Pacella

The ocean can be a pretty frightening place. Just ask anyone who decides to take a dip shortly after watching Jaws. Any horror movie fan will attest that sometimes even …

15 WTF Things You Can Find On Amazon

Sara Pacella

Amazon is an international giant. The eCommerce king offers online retail, consumer electronics, digital content, in addition to other local services like deals of the day and even groceries. They …

15 Unbelievable Discoveries About Outer Space

Sara Pacella

Space is all about the great unknown. It’s where one can “boldly go where no man has gone before” or a mysterious place in, “a galaxy far, far away”. The …

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