Rima Pundir

After having worked with brands like Cosmopolitan, Good Housekeeping and Prevention, Rima J Pundir hung up her work heels and became a WAHM. She now splits her time between work, raising her two little boys and pottering in her kitchen garden. She writes for TheRichest, TheThings & Basmati and is also starting her new line of child-oriented mobile applications, Alphabetastic.

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15 Countries That Still Believe In Witchcraft

Rima Pundir

Think witch and what comes to mind? The Chronicles of Narnia? Supernatural? Season of the Witch? Good Witch? Harry Potter? Digressing a bit here, but you get the picture, right? …

15 Of The Most Awesome Things That Happened In 2016

Rima Pundir

From the deadly Orlando shootings to the continued strife in Syria, from Brangelina breaking up to Trump trumping over Hillary – there were some dark clouds over this rather tumultuous …

The 15 Creepiest CopyCat Killers Of All Time

Rima Pundir

Murder she wrote, and we avidly read. The killing of a human being by another, for reasons financial, immoral, illegal or just for a thrill, gives us all vicarious shudders. …

15 Times People Did Their Jobs So, So Wrong

Rima Pundir

So there are people wrong for jobs, and jobs wrong for people. And then there are the ones who basically leave their brains behind when doing their jobs. These people …

15 Jobs That Can Cause Cancer

Rima Pundir

So, some jobs come with plenty of health risks, right? Think armed forces, the men in blue, bodyguards, bouncers, sportspersons – that’s the list that comes to mind when you …

15 Abnormally Large Animals That Are Actually Real

Rima Pundir

In the not-so-long but rather dark history of humankind, size has always been an area of common if somewhat vicarious interest. Humankind loves all things large – from large mansions, …

15 Celebrities Who Sabotaged Their Own Marriages

Rima Pundir

Marriage is an institution they say, and they are probably right, particularly when it comes to the celebrities. Their marriages fuel gossip, news and paparazzi before finally making divorce lawyers …