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After having worked with brands like Cosmopolitan, Good Housekeeping and Prevention, Rima J Pundir hung up her work heels and became a WAHM. She now splits her time between work, raising her two little boys and pottering in her kitchen garden. She writes for TheRichest, TheThings & Basmati and is also starting her new line of child-oriented mobile applications, Alphabetastic.

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15 Smoking Hot Celebs Who Rock Black Latex

Rima Pundir

There’s something about hot celebrities wearing black, skintight, I-can’t-breathe-I-am-so-sexy latex that kind of breaks the Internet, and even with “don’t look at NSFW images in the office” rules, somehow guys can’t …

15 Cute Child Actors Who Grew Up Ugly AF

Rima Pundir

Usually, as the story goes, the ugly duckling turns into a beautiful swan, and flies off into the horizon, thumbing its proverbial nose at the tormentors that called it ugly. …

How Well Do You Know Bruce Lee?

Rima Pundir

The first time I saw Bruce Lee move in his trademark muscle-tensed flurry, I was hooked. There was something about this guy, the way he moved and talked, and the slightly …

15 Shocking Airplane Conflicts Caught On Tape

Rima Pundir

Flying is for everybody nowadays, what with low-cost airlines and great connectivity shrinking the world into a very reachable place. Journeys that used to take days when all that was …

15 Sizzling Hot Celebs With Beauty Marks

Rima Pundir

Moles. No, not the underground animals, but the beauty marks that have been as hot as a sizzler ever since Marilyn Monroe burst onto the scene. So yes, her beauty …

15 Shocking Freak Accidents That Killed People

Rima Pundir

People become famous for many varied reasons – some for their artistic talent, some for their criminal acts, and others for their do-gooder spirit, yet there are some unfortunate souls …

15 Hollywood Ladies Who Have Been Jailbirds

Rima Pundir

There’s something about the word ex-con that makes you think of a male figure. A menacing thug, a svelte Mafioso, a rugged drug dealer, a suave con man, right? But …

15 Exotic Foods That Could Actually Kill You

Rima Pundir

There are times when we are offered food or drinks that we tend to refuse for many a different reason, and we hear someone insist, “Come on, try it – …

How Well Do You Know These Foreign Hollywood Actors?

Rima Pundir

Did you ever think if your favorite star was American or not? Chances are, with the current US Prez, you might be now... Do remember that art has no boundaries and artists are international beings - the country they belong to is just their birthplace. Stars belong to their audiences!

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