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Rebecca O'Kane

The name’s Rebecca or ‘Bee’ if you like. I’m a 26 year-old Scriptwriting graduate currently living in North Yorkshire. I have a strong passion for writing (on good days), a love of anarchic comedy and a weakness for musicals and classic Disney. In my spare time I love to crochet, dance and occasionally work on pet projects including a screenplay, short films and two novel ideas that I’ll probably never finish.

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15 Unbelievable Childbirth Stories That Will Make You Cringe

Rebecca O'Kane

Creating life is a beautiful and miraculous thing. Unfortunately, it’s also an excruciatingly painful bite-through-a-spoon kind of thing. It’s pretty common knowledge that labor is not a pleasant experience, but …

15 Disturbing Massage Therapist Confessions

Rebecca O'Kane

Massage therapy is meant to be a deeply relaxing experience – feeling your stresses and knots melt away with candles and soft music playing. It’s enough to make anyone fall …

15 Pranksters Who Accidentally Killed Themselves

Rebecca O'Kane

A prank simply wouldn’t be a prank without some kind of danger or risk element involved, and unfortunately, this is why so many have turned fatal. When certain pranks backfire, …

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